Terrified by India’s zero tolerance, Al Qaeda Chief video calls for unrelenting blow to Indian Army and exposes Pakistan

News Bharati    11-Jul-2019

New Delhi, July 11: India’s strong call on crushing and cutting knots of terror activities by zero tolerance policy has created an impression of fear and defeat in the minds of terror chiefs. Highlighting the same, liberating ideas by instigating message of hatred and terrorism, Al Qaeda chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri released a video titled ‘Don’t forget Kashmir’. In the 14-minute long video, Al Qaeda chief asks ‘mujahideen’ in Kashmir to hit the Indian Army with ‘unrelenting blows’.


Little does he know that these unrelenting blows will however backfire against them breaking all aspects of terrorism and associated activities? In the video released by Al Qaeda's media arm As Sahab, Zawahiri asks the mujahideen to ‘single-mindedly focus on inflicting unrelenting blows on the Indian Army and government, so as to bleed the Indian economy and make India suffer sustained losses in manpower and equipment.’

A central theme in Zawahiri's message is that the fight in Kashmir shouldn't be thought of as separate conflict but as part of the ummah's (worldwide community of Muslims) jihad against a vast array of forces. The Chief also accused a Pakistani ‘agency’ of trying to restraint the jihad against the Indians by preventing big attacks. He stressed that the jihad in Kashmir should aim to establish sharia or Islamic law.

Zawahiri says that the mujahideen must "liberate the Kashmiri jihad from the clutches of Pakistan's intelligence agencies" such that the jihad is "for the sake of Allah" as opposed to a struggle "for the sake of international criminals". He claimed that after achieving its liberation, the mujahideen must plan their jihad by taking free and independent decisions that are guided by the principles of sharia. This is akin to Lelhari's call for an independent shura council. Zawahiri also accused Pakistan of betraying the jihadis in Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Zawahiri blame Pakistan of ‘Double Game’

Zawahiri accused the Pakistanis of selling out the Taliban's Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as well as the mujahideen and emigrants who served it. The Al Qaeda leader implicitly concedes that the Pakistani military-intelligence establishment is willing to work with the jihadists but he casts this support in a negative light. He claimed that all Pakistani Army and government is interested in exploiting the mujahideen for their political objectives. The beneficiaries of this policy are nothing more than a "bunch of traitors who fill their pockets with bribes and illegitimate wealth.

For these reasons, Zawahiri argues, it is ‘impossible for these (Pakistani) agencies to support the Islamic cause, defend Muslims, or liberate their lands’. Pakistan's conflict with India is essentially a secular rivalry over borders managed by the American intelligence.

Zawahiri says the "mujahideen in Kashmir must communicate with the mujahideen in different parts of the world and ensure that their voice reaches them so that the Kashmir issue is raised at the popular level within the ummah".