Boosting trade ventures in the coastal areas, Goa opens up space in industrial estates for new investments

News Bharati    11-Jul-2019
Panaji, July 11: Viewing to accommodate new investments in the coastal state, the state of Goa has amended a law to open up more space in its industrial estates. The latest amendment to the existing law would defreeze around 3.7 lakh sqm of land in various industrial estates across the state.

“The exercise of identifying more land to attract new investments would be completed in next three months”, said Goa Industrial Development Corporation's Chairman Glenn Ticlo on Wednesday, further adding that unavailability of land was one of the major issues affecting the industrial growth in the state.
"This will provide around 3.7 lakh square metres of land in different industrial estates which were reserved as open spaces. The available land can be allotted to new investments," he said.
The government worked out an amicable settlement with five SEZ promoters who agreed to give back the land which they were holding since 2006, he added.
There are around 2,489 big and small units spread across 23 industrial estates in Goa. Verna in South Goa district is the largest estate with 539 industrial units, followed by Kundaim in North Goa district having 356 units.