No calls go unanswered by the jawans! Fearless Army soldiers rescue stranded people from Assam flood

News Bharati    11-Jul-2019

Guwahati, July 11: When you are in crisis and need help, the jawans always come to the rescue. There have been many video instances where the soldiers have proved that they are here for protecting the nation, motherland and her children. Exhibiting the same once again, a soldier can be seen carrying a kid on his shoulder rescuing her from the torrential rain and flood in Assam.


The men in camouflage set yet another inspiring example for posterity on Thursday. The Champamati river in Chirang district of Assam started overflowing earlier today due to incessant rains. This caused a flood like situation in 2-3 villages on the eastern bank of the Champamati near Ranikhata and the villagers were left worried as flood has a tendency to swallow entire communities up in the valleys of Assam.


The situation slowly started taking a turn for the worse, especially in Aminpara village where 20-30 civilians were stranded in flood waters. Alarmingly, the level of flood water kept rising with every passing minute, much to the dismay of the stranded civilians.

At the very same time, an Army patrol was on its routine route when the jawans saw the stranded villagers in Aminpara, who desperately needed help. Although not tasked as being the first responders to flood situations, the troops sprung into action upon seeing the imperilled civilians and evacuated seven men, six women, nineteen minors, and seven elderly persons. In total, 39 villagers were evacuated from the area. The truly inspirational jawans even carried some of the stranded villagers on their backs, much to the locals’ amazement!