Discussing on migration, mobility, India and EU hold high-level talks

News Bharati    12-Jul-2019

New Delhi, July 12: The 5th India-EU High-Level Dialogue on Migration and Mobility (HLDMM)was held in New Delhi on Thursday. Both sides reaffirmed that migration and mobility are important dimensions of the strategic partnership between India and EU and exchanged views on further initiatives and steps aimed at realizing the full potential of further strengthening cooperation in this area.


The discussion was co-chaired by Sanjiv Arora, Secretary [Consular, Passport & Visa and Overseas Indian Affairs] and Paraskevi MICHOU, Director General [Migration and Home Affairs], European Commission

External Affairs Ministry said in a release said the discussion was held in a highly friendly and constructive spirit. It encompassed a wide range of issues of mutual interest in the context of migration and mobility along the India-EU corridor.


On Wednesday, the co-Chairs of the 5th HLDMM addressed the Opening Session of an India-EU Seminar on Sharing of Good Practices on Migration Governance held in New Delhi under the Technical Support Project for undertaking collaborative activities in the framework of the Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility [CAMM] between India and the European Union and its Member States, signed on 29 March, 2016.