Listing guidelines for indigenous inhabitants, Nagaland promises to live up to the interest of the people

News Bharati    12-Jul-2019

Kohima, July 12: Following footsteps of neighbouring state Assam with regards to National Register of Citizens for alienating illegal immigrants, Nagaland has also set guidelines for listing indigenous inhabitants. The state government has decided that it will not to take any decision that is discriminatory or goes against interest of people or any community while preparing Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland.


The Nagaland government on Thursday said that the guidelines for listing indigenous inhabitants in the Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) will be finalised after consultations with civil society & traditional tribal organisations. The state government is of the clear opinion that the present exercises are new initiatives and need consultations and deliberations with participation from all sections and stakeholders.

RIIN is aimed at preparing a master list of all indigenous peoples and checking the issuance of fake indigenous inhabitant certificates. The guidelines for implementation of the policies are still at an early stage of formulation and will be finalised after extensive consultations are carried out.

The government will hold consultative meets with all sections and stakeholders so that the exercise so carried out are in everybody's interest and protects the rights of all citizens. The state government assures the citizens that it will not take any hasty decision but rather the process will involve and engage civil society and the citizenry of the state and that no decision that is discriminatory or in contravention of the interest of people or any community will be undertaken.