….And Google ‘Dragonfly’ gets switched off!

News Bharati    18-Jul-2019
San Francisco, Jul 18: Google Dragonfly, the controversial google search engine in China finally get terminated and the one era ended with this termination.

The Chinese Google search engine, which created controversies about privacy, censorship, and human rights concerns, is now no more.
Republican Senator Josh Hawley, the top Google executive said, “We have terminated Project Dragonfly”.
This unequivocal response is a departure from previous couched statements by Google executives regarding Dragonfly's status. in December, chief executive Sundar Pichai told Congress that "right now there are no plans for us to launch a search product in China".
Meanwhile, the tech giant's offices in the US, UK, Canada, India, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Sweden, Switzerland, and Denmark have witnessed protests by human rights groups over its plan to re-enter China through the censored search application.
Senior Google employees have also resigned citing lack of corporate transparency after the company revealed its efforts to re-enter China through "Dragonfly".
Google had launched a search engine in China in 2006 but pulled the service out of the country in 2010, citing Chinese government efforts to limit free speech and block websites.