Pakistan's cry foul on JammuKashmir at global platform; India reminds NAM is ‘not’ a stage for ‘self-serving narrative’

News Bharati    22-Jul-2019

New Delhi, July 22: Expressing strong rejection over Pakistan's references to Kashmir, India strongly placed its view during the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) Ministerial Meeting in Venezuela. India highlighted that NAM Ministerial is a global forum and it can never be a platform for a "self-serving narrative" that aims to undermine the territorial integrity of one nation by another State.

India's Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin on July 21 in his address to the NAM Ministerial Meeting in Caracas, Venezuela asserted that NAM needs to be for those addressing the primary issues of our times that cry for global cooperation, rather than become a platform for venting bilateral grievances between members.

The Indian envoy said, ‘Regrettably, one delegation attempted this yesterday. That no other member is responsive to such a self-serving narrative is a telling rejoinder that NAM never was and never can be a platform for pursuits aimed at undermining the territorial integrity of a State by another State.’ However, Syed Akbaruddin did not name Pakistan but his comments were aimed at Islamabad raising the issue of Kashmir at the multilateral forum.

Pakistan's Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs Andleeb Abbas, in her statement at ministerial meeting, raked up the issue of Kashmir and made references to the recent UN Human Rights report on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. India has slammed the UN report as a continuation of the earlier "false and motivated" narrative and violative of India's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In his statement, Akbaruddin said that while terrorists continue to "operate with great impunity and greater inhumanity," the international community's actions to combat the scourge have fallen short.

He said that terrorism not only kills our citizens, but also seeks to disrupt societies by undermining our ability to attain our development goals. Unfortunately, all our talk about combating the scourge of terrorism has not been matched by actions.