Looking forward to learning from observations! NASA hails success of #Chandrayaan2

News Bharati    23-Jul-2019
Bangalore, Jul. 23: India woke up with a smile on the face because of the spectacular success of ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2. After this magnificent launch of India’s Chandrayaan 2 with India's heaviest and most powerful rocket ever built, the GSLV Mark-III, the Indian space agency embrace congratulatory message from the American space agency, NASA.
NASA takes to twitter in hand and praised ISRO for its unparalleled achievement. In the tweet, NASA stated, ‘NASA looks forward to learning about Chandrayaan-2’s findings from lunar South Pole where NASA is planning to send astronauts in the coming future.
India's Chandrayaan-II will be the first spacecraft in the world to land near the South Pole of the moon, an area which remains unexplored to date, given all the previous 28 landings on the moon have taken place in the equatorial region.
Meanwhile, NASA is presently working on a mission titled 'Artemis', under which the United States intends to send humans back to the moon, including the first woman to land on the moon by 2025.