#Chandrayaan2: Second Orbit-Raising of composite successfully completed!

News Bharati    26-Jul-2019
Bangalore, Jul. 26: Chandrayaan 2 is soaring towards the moon with millions of dreams. 1st earth-bound maneuver is just finished by Chandrayaan 2 in last two days. Now, ISRO confirmed, The second earth-bound orbit-raising maneuver of the Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft has been successfully performed yesterday.

ISRO tweeted, “Second earthbound orbit-raising maneuver for #Chandrayaan2 spacecraft has been performed today (July 26, 2019) at 0108 hrs (IST) as planned”.
The maneuver was carried out at 1.08 pm using the onboard propulsion system for a firing duration of 883 seconds, a day after the first orbit-raising was completed, placing the spacecraft in a 230 X 45163 km orbit (nearest x furthest Earth-bound altitude), according to ISRO. The final orbit achieved by the Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft after the second orbit-raising is 251 x 54829 km.
ISRO also reported that all the spacecraft parameters were normal, and the third orbit-raising is scheduled for the early hours on 29 July, Monday at about 2.30-3.30 pm IST.
As per ISRO’s statement, Further major activities include Earth-bound maneuvers, Trans Lunar Insertion, Lunar bound maneuvers, Vikram Separation, and Vikram Touch Down.
India had on Monday launched the country's second moon mission Chandrayaan 2 on-board its powerful rocket GSLV-MkIII-M1 from the spaceport of Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh with the aim of landing a rover in the unexplored lunar south pole. The 3,850-kg, Rs 978-crore spacecraft is a three-module composite made up of an orbiter, lander, and rover.