Monstrous Tornado Wreaks Havoc in China, 6 Killed, over 200 Injured

News Bharati    04-Jul-2019
Beijing, July 4: A ferocious tornado hit a city in Northeast China’s Liaoning Province yesterday. Six people are reported to be killed and around 190 injured.

The tornado, packing winds up to 23 members per second, tore through the city Kaiyuan around 5.15 pm yesterday. It touched down at the Jingouzi Township, rampaged through an industrial park and churned south. It lasted around 15 minutes. Packing strong showers and hailstones, the tornado wreaked havoc on apartments, factory building and electricity poles. 
The city government has said that about 210 people have been rescued from damaged buildings. The state run CGTN television reported that around 3500 buildings were damaged affecting over 9900 people in the incident. The tornado came as a surprise to the locals as it is quite rare in the region prompting the government to launch an investigation. 
China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said an emergency medical expert team has been sent to Kaiyuan city to treat the injured following the deadly tornado.