'Citizen and future friendly forecast', PM Modi congratulates FinMin for the hopeful budget

News Bharati    05-Jul-2019
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New Delhi, July 5: Lauding the Central Economic team for framing the citizen and future friendly budget, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the document is one of hope and that it is a budget that will boost India's development in the 21st Century.
"This budget is one that will make the nation prosperous and empower the people. It will give strength to the poor and a better tomorrow to the young people”, he added while addressing a forum soon after the presentation of the budget in Lok Sabha.
The budget 2019, being the first of the Modi 2.0 government, is also seen as the government's first step to realise Narendra Modi’s goal of doubling the economy to 5 trillion dollars within the next five years.
"I congratulate the first woman Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for presenting a citizen friendly and a future friendly Budget. This is a Budget aimed at making the citizens of the country prosperous”, the Prime Minister said.
Armed with a massive mandate, the government has imposed several tough measures, including a two rupee duty on petrol, taxed the super-rich, proposed increasing Foreign Direct Investment in sensitive areas like the media, aviation, insurance and single brand retail.
“The budget”, PM Modi said, “will strengthen enterprises, increase participation of women in the country, simplify the tax system and modernise infrastructure”.
Calling for reform, perform and transform policy, the Finance Minister while presenting the budget, slated to earn 3 trillion dollar economy title by the end of 2019. “The unambiguous mandate by the people in the recent election has set the ball rolling for the New India. Voter turnout was highest; every section came to stamp their approval for a performing Government”, she said.