Soon to ‘Moon’! Chandrayaan 2 to enter Moon’s Orbit on 20 August

News Bharati    19-Aug-2019
Bangalore, Aug. 19: India’s Chandrayaan 2 is speeding towards moon every day. Now, making another successful maneuver, Chandrayaan 2 will be entering the Moon’s orbit at around 9.30 am on Tuesday, 20 August.

The spacecraft had left the Earth's orbit to move towards the moon on 14 August.
ISRO Chairman K Sivan said, “Chandrayaan 2 is going to enter a crucial phase of lunar orbit insertion around 9.30 am on Tuesday. Upon entering Moon’s sphere of influence, the onboard propulsion system of the craft will be fired to slow down the spacecraft to help it captured by the Moon's gravity”.
The spacecraft will conduct five maneuvers around the 100kmx100km lunar orbit on 20, 21, 28, 30 August and 1 September to lower the altitude of Chandrayaan II to bring itself closer to the surface of the moon.
On 20 August, the Chandrayaan 2 will perform reorientation when it is around 150 km from the lunar orbit to reduce the spacecraft’s velocity and enter the orbit. If the velocity of the spacecraft is more, it will just fly past the moon.

Sivan also said, “The Vikram lander will also separate from the orbiter on 2 September. “Thereafter, two more maneuvers will be performed on Vikram before the powered descent starts to make the lander make a soft-landing on the Moon between 1.30am and 2.30am on 7 September”.
Once landed, the Pragyan rover will be launched out of the lander after four hours. The four-wheeled rover will move at a speed of 1 cm per second to cover 500 meters on the lunar surface. The Pragyan has a lifespan of one lunar day (14 earth days), during which it will capture images, analyze content and sent it back to earth in 15 minutes via the Vikram or the orbiter.