Testimony of trust! PM Modi marks 50 million followers on twitter

News Bharati    11-Sep-2019
New Delhi, September 11: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an exceptional personality on this planet! His herculean task of nation building, astonishing hard-working power, spectacular diplomacy and impressive oratory has caught the eyes and ears of the people from across the world. The PM has just crossed the 50 million followers mark on the microblogging platform Twitter, thereby retaining his position as the third-most followed person. 

Only US President Donald Trump (64 million) and former US President Barack Obama (108 million) have more followers than PM Modi. PM Modi is also the first Indian to cross that mark. The Prime Minister, who maintains an active presence on social media, has added more than six million followers over the past year, rising from 43.4 million in July 2018. A further 30.4 million follow the Prime Minister, who began using Twitter in 2009, when he was still Gujarat Chief Minister, on his PMO handle. PM Modi is also active on Facebook, where has 44.8 million followers, and Instagram, where he has 25 million followers and is the world's most-followed leader.
A report in May by digital marketing platform SEMrush said the combined total of followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - 110.9 million - made Prime Minster Modi the second-most followed world leader; the first is Mr Obama with a massive 182.7 million. The report informed that With his approximately 110 million followers worldwide, Narendra Modi has overtaken the present US President Donald Trump who has 96 million followers globally. However, Trump still enjoys the second most followed politician position globally on Twitter (with 59.8 million followers).
A survey conducted last year by Gallup, an international polling organisation across 50 countries rated the Prime Minister third, ahead of his counterparts in China, Russia, Israel and the United Kingdom (then Prime Minister Theresa May).The top rank in that survey went to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.