#AareyBachao proves to be a foreign funded anti-development guimmick; Vanashakti NGO under scanner

News Bharati    14-Sep-2019
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Mumbai, September 14: With the decision to start the work of Mumbai Aarey Colony Metro Shed has come into being, there have been many controversial takes on the same. The latest being the Vanashakti NGO which has been in the forefront is under scanner for possibly receiving funds from foreign sources. This is duly to sabotage the development in regards to Mumbai Metro.
Taking cognizance of this, Legal Rights Observatory, a legal rights watchdog has moved complaint to Home Affairs Ministry to seek investigation of possible foreign funds it received and reasons behind its FCRA rejection. In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the NGO has cited that the organization has been at the forefront in the battle to save the fragile environment. It further added that since the NGO is into existence from 2007, they are working with the tribal community to aware them about the cutting down of trees and widening of roads. 
Ever since the decision to start the Mumbai Metro project has come into being it has been in news for all the possible reasons but this time though it’s not the attitude of the authorities or the politicians but the age-old NGO, Civil Society or Activist network which are rushing to the courts to obtain stay orders. One such case is the Mumbai Aarey Colony Metro Shed.
However, the Vanashakti NGO which strives to make citizens ‘aware’ about the cutting down of trees for road widening have been misguiding people in the name of ‘environmental awareness’. Clearing off speculations, Managing Director of the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation, Ashwini Bhide in a tweet said that the Mumbaikars need a reliable, safe, and comfortable public transport and hence they want @MumbaiMetro3 to be commissioned at the earliest. They gave their representation to #MMRC.
Exposing the anti-nationals elements posed by the Vanashakti NGO, the Legal Rights Observatory has also noted that such organisations are backed by Catholic Church's. They asserted that the complainant against Vanashakti correlated opposition 2 @MumbaiMetro3 with #CatholicChurch's opposition to Goa Konkan Railway and #Kudankulam Nuclear Project which was funded by #Church and sought inquiry to find out why NGO's FCRA application was rejected.
Giving a background check of the preventive measures taken by the state government has assured that the Mumbai Metro will save lives & bring back smiles on faces of parents who worry about the safe return of their children traveling on impossibly overcrowded suburban trains.
In a series of tweet with an hashtag of #AareyAikaNa the Managing Director has swiftly listed the facts and truth behind the infrastructural development and how the government has channelized the project so to not harm the environment. 
The Maharashtra government aided by Centre has shown impressive progress when it comes to this Metro project. Interestingly, the Mumbai Metro will solve problems like reducing vehicular traffic which the metro will de-clogs the roads and it shall reduce CO2emission by 2.6 lakh metric tons every year. 
An important point to note is that the Sanjay Gandhi Nation Park is spread over 11,687 Hectare whereas Aarey Colony in 1287 Hectare. Out of the 1287 hectare, the metro car shed will be only built on 30 Hectare of Aarey land and even within that 5 Hectare has been kept intact for greenery. So, in a nutshell, only 2% area of the entire Aarey Colony will be utilized for the proposed metro car shed.