'The future of India lies in MSME sector', Piyush Goyal drives to take up news challenges for extraordinary results

News Bharati    18-Sep-2019
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New Delhi, September 18: It is in the MSME sector that the future of India lies. It is time that the entire sector makes combined effort to take up new challenges, set higher goals and aspire for extraordinary results", affirmed Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal while giving away the export awards of CAPEXIL in New Delhi today.

He urged the industries of the MSME sector to demand the support of the Government in development of clusters near ports, availability of land in bulk, common effluent treatment plants and common testing facilities. Further complimenting the award winners Goyal said that they must inspire others, who have not won an award today, to take bold decisions and risks and aspire to do extraordinary work in their industry.
"For this", the Minister added, "the CAPEXILsector industries must embrace new technology and explore new markets, make value addition to the products that are being manufactured and not just remain in their comfort zone as manufactures and exporters of raw and basic products".
Goyal also noted that investing and caring for the environment was an advantageous proposition for everybody, the industry as well as citizens, as it helps to create a conducive business climate and acceptability for Indian products worldwide.
He urged industry to engage with the world, grasp all opportunities that are available through the free trade agreements that India has entered into with other countries but at the same time protect the national interest, their business interests and above all the interest of the consumers.