95 year old plays tennis in World Championships! Can’t believe? But it’s true!

24 Sep 2019 13:33:33
Umag, September 24: In today’s world, one can’t even imagine or expect the life to be above 70-80 years. But a man from Ukraine, who is currently 95 years of age, not only plays tennis regularly, but he takes part in World Championships! Leonid Stanislavskyi is the world’s oldest player to take part in ITF Super-Seniors World Championships.
Born in 1924 in Ukraine, Leonid Stanislavskyi is the right-handed tennis player who started playing tennis at the age of 32. During his career until now, he has won total 24 singles and 17 doubles. He clinched 6 matches this year. By profession, Stanislavskyi is an engineer. He graduated from the Kharkov Aviation Institute. He is a member of the Great Patriotic War. The last 37 years he worked at the Institute Yuzhgiproruda as Head of the Department.
“I train almost every day. I do squats, use dumbbells, run on a treadmill, which running area is made of ridges similar to those abacus have. They massage feet where nerves converge. I’m also keen on skiing. I am not on any special diet" - Leonid Stanislavskyi
The ITF Super-Seniors World Individual Championships is the highest ranked event on the ITF Seniors Circuit for male and female players previously played in the age categories of 65-85. The tournament offers singles, doubles and mixed doubles as well as a consolation draw for singles first round losers.
2019 Super-Seniors World Individual Championships is being held in Umag, Croatia from September 21 to 28.
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