Ukraine plane crash: Iran permits Canadian investigators access to downed plane

News Bharati    14-Jan-2020
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Tehran, January 14: Iran has permitted Canada to investigate the plane crash incident as 57 out of the total 176 passengers were Canadian. Now, Canadian investigators will access the wreckage and black boxes from a Ukrainian jetliner downed by a missile strike last week.

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Transportation Safety Board of Canada, chair Kathy Fox said that they have been invited by Iran, which is leading the crash probe, to participate in the downloading and analysis of the aircraft's cockpit voice and data recorders. She said that they will also be allowed to visit the crash site.
“In this investigation, we do not yet fully know what the scope of our role will be. There have been early signs that Iran is allowing the TSB to play a more active role than normally permitted. Canada's investigation will pose questions that will be very uncomfortable for Iran.,” she added. 
The Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 was shot down by a missile shortly after taking off from Tehran before dawn last Wednesday, killing all 176 passengers and crew on board. Fifty-seven of the victims were Canadian.