Uttarakhand levies new circle rate of land

News Bharati    14-Jan-2020
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Dehradun, January 14: New circle rates of land have been implemented in the state from Monday. The Finance Department has issued a mandate for new rates. Due to the increase in the circle rate of land in all districts of the state, agricultural and agricultural land has become expensive. In the mandate, instructions have been given to implement circle rates fixed according to the region in all districts. In Pauri and Nainital district, the highest agricultural and non-agricultural land rates have been increased.

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Whereas in Champawat, Pithoragarh and Bageshwar districts, the rate of land has increased the least. In Pauri district, land rates have been increased from 100 to 800 percent in many areas. At the same time, rates have been increased from one percent to 250 percent in Nainital. Circle rate has increased by only 5 to 20 percent in 758 areas of Champawat district. Whereas in Dehradun district, land prices have increased by up to 40 percent.

The circle rate of land has increased in those areas in the state. Where there were discrepancies in the first rate. In many areas, there was a considerable difference in the circle rate of agriculture and agricultural land at the same place. It has now been uniformized. After approval of the Cabinet on the proposal from the districts, the mandate has been issued to increase the circle rate of the lands.

In Dehradun, no increase has been made in the circle rate of the lands situated on Rajpur Road and Saharanpur Road. The administration argues that these routes have led to very few registries for many years. Similarly, this time in the old areas of Haridwar Road and the city, there is no change in the circle rate.

There have been barely 10-12 registries in the last three years on the Rajpur road up to 50 meters. Whereas, the purchase of land inside it is negligible. In such a situation, only 50 thousand rupees per square meter up to 50 meters and for land with a distance of more than 30 thousand rupees per square meter has been kept here.

Apart from this, in Saharanpur Road and adjoining mohallas and colonies, the circle rate has been maintained. Here the circle rate is only Rs 14 thousand per sqm for residential and Rs 28 thousand per sqm for commercial construction.