Protecting 'Savitri's Girls' in Digital era, MH launches 'Cyber Safe Women' initiative, teaching them cyber safety lessons

News Bharati    03-Jan-2020 12:34:27 PM
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Mumbai, January 03: Maharashtra cyber police kickstarted a week-long ‘Cyber Safe Movement’ on Friday across the state to create an awareness on the cyber space in the light of increasing number of cases where women and children are targeted. This initiative was launched in 34 districts and 90 places across the state, all at once.
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The Cyber Safe Movement was initiated considering an increase in cyber crimes against women and children. These cyber crimes include stalking, picture morphing, online abuse and defamation, sextortion, pornography and child pornography, matrimonial and dating apps fraud.
In a statement, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said the initiative will help in educating women about how the web is used by anti-social elements and child predators to commit various types of crimes. He also said rising instances of cyber-crime need to be curbed and the government is looking to take all measures to ensure that women and children do not fall prey to these criminal activities.
To create an awareness among women across the state, the state cyber police will take interactive sessions with relevant sections of the society, which will be in the form of presentations, case studies and lectures. 
"We have tied up with various schools, colleges and non-government organisation (NGO), who will be imparted the knowledge to discriminate good from bad and legitimate from fake on the cyber space,” said Balsing Rajput, superintendent of police (cyber). Moreover, state cyber police have also roped in press clubs and press associations of different cities, to spread the word on a larger scale.