UK Publisher withdraws absurd book linking Hindus with Terrorism

NewsBharati    12-Oct-2020
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London, Oct 12 : A British academic workbook of religious studies had put forth the Hindu ethics and morals through a misleading perspective. After protests by Indians in England, the workbook has now been removed from the GCSE ( General Certificate of Secondary Education ) website and also withdrawn by the publisher.

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The book had provided a misleading narrative and wrong interpretation of Hindu Dharma and connected Hinduism with terrorism. The narrative was provocative which resulted into outrage among Indians living in England. The book was available on the website of Langley School, West Midlands until Oct 6 after which it was officially scrapped.
The narrative from the book while talking in regard of Hinduism states, "Holy books teach that it is necessary to be able to morally justify war in order to preserve dharma. Arjun, as a Kshatriya, is reminded of his duty to uphold a righteous cause and that in fact there is nothing better than a righteous war. If the cause is just, Hindus will take up arms. Self - defence is justifiable; hence India has nuclear weapons to protect from aggressors." After such indicative statements, the book went on to conclude by stating that "Some Hindus have turned to terrorism to protect Hindu beliefs." The ideology that lies behind the false narrative shouts out loud for their desperation to falsify Hindu ethics and Tattva in the world.
The Hindu Forum of British India took a firm stand against the misdeed and HFB President Trupti Patel with Vice President Ramesh Pattni, through an official letter mentioned it to AQA ( Assessments and Qualifications Alliance ) that Hindu beliefs have been misinterpreted through the book and erroneously linked with terrorism.
President Patel also stated that this is a political move to discredit Hindus and India and was definitely done deliberately and was not a mistake. However, after severe oppositions the book has now been withdrawn by the publisher