Be careful! Lockdown is over, Coronavirus hasn’t: PM

NewsBharati    20-Oct-2020
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New Delhi, Oct. 20: Sounding a note of caution for the citizens, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday appealed to them to maintain strict vigil and follow the Covid-19 norms religiously and sans any relaxation in this period of festivals.

In his address to the nation this evening, Prime Minister Modi extended warm greetings to all the people and urged them to follow the norms like wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping social distancing to fully ward off the pandemic from India.

Comparing the situation in India and other developed countries like the USA or European nations, Modi said that in our country there are 5500 Covid-19 cases per 10 lakh people while the developed nations have 25,000 cases/10 lakh. Similarly, the death rate in India is 83/10 lakh while it is 600/10 lakh in the developed nations.

We have provided 90 lakh beds for the Covid-19 patients along with 12000 quarantine centers and 2000 testing labs all over the country he said adding that so far 10 crore tests were conducted. Doctors, nurses and others are serving the Covid-19 patients at the cost of their own health presenting before the world the best ever example of service in the period of such crisis, the Prime Minister said.

Referring to the coming festival season and the crowding of people in markets for purchases, Modi made a fervent appeal to them to avoid complacency and adhere strictly to the Corona pandemic norms to keep the virus at bay. We can’t allow callousness in the fight against the coronavirus, he said. So long as there is no medicine or vaccine, there can be no complacency (Jab tak Davai Nahi tab tak Dhilaai nahi), he said.

He said that the battle against the virus has been a long-drawn battle. We have kept the infection and mortality rates below the global average because of our resolve to fight and defeat the virus. India is playing a leading role in saving lives, he added. The recovery rate in India is much better and the fatality rate is much lower as compared to nations like the USA, Brazil or European countries, he said.

He said that the people are resuming the economic activity and markers are abuzz with activity. But this is also the time to remain even more watchful and guard ourselves, our families and senior members from the Covid-19 attack.

Assuring on the vaccine Prime Minister Modi said that Indian scientists are working to develop an effective vaccine against the virus and similar activities are going on in the world also as this is the fight to save humanity. The government has made plans to take the vaccine to each citizen in coming days, he assured. Our scientists are working on war-footing to develop the vaccine, he said adding that some vaccine research are at an advance stage.

However, he warned that this is not the time to let our guards down and we have to be vigilant all the more in this festive season, Prime Minister Modi said appealing the people not to take rest till we totally succeed in this fight against the virus.