EU considerate about families formed in transit

NewsBharati    05-Oct-2020
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Brussels, Oct 5 : European Union Commission has intended to extend the definition of families due to increasing demographic transitions caused out of migration directly into or through transit in the European Nations. The New Migration Pact of the Migration Asylum might include siblings and families formed in transit, in the existing definition of families. 

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Several aspects have been covered in the package presented later in September by the Commission, among which the proposition regarding the inclusion of transit families in the domain of legalized families remains to be on priority. The problem of migration leading to the strengthening of criminal circuits that depend on illegal migrations is being tackled by the Commission since a considerable period. The year 2016 witnessed the peak of illegal immigrants in the European Union where Switzerland possesses the top most position among the countries where these people illegally migrate into. Recent data suggests that there are around 1,23,900 immigrants currently residing in Europe, these might be transitory or aim to become permanent residents. Among the many nations Syria remains to be the epicenter of illegal immigrants entering into the European nations to seek asylum or as transits, leading to unrecorded demographic transitions in the nations.
The current population of Europe goes up to 74 crores, which excludes certain such phenomenon due to weaker policies to handle the migratory problems. Therefore, with an aim to monitor the increase in population along with the demographic data, the Commission is on the verge of including the siblings and families formed out of transit in the definition of families. A regulation in the definition of family will make a significant change in the approach of the European Union to deal with this problem and can ease off the stress on both the states as well as the families to some extent. According to the Commission, the foreseen changes regarding the definition of family members intends to reinforce the right to family reunification 'by taking into account the current realities of many families.'
The problem of illegal migrations can only be managed by monitoring it under legal lense and perhaps if the problem is inevitable then at least it needs to be channeled in a constructive manner. With this approach, the New Migration Pact alsointends to make it easier for skilled migrants to enter Europe, as the Commission asserts that Europe is lagging behind in the global race for attracting the world’s most talented and skilled.