India to become the global hub for AI, says PM Modi

NewsBharati    06-Oct-2020
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New Delhi, October 06: Pointing out that India has led the world in knowledge & learning and will continue to digitally excel and delight the world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "India has experienced that technology improves transparency and service delivery and we want India to become a global hub for AI Artificial Intelligence ." 
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While inaugurating the Summit -RAISE 2020 - ‘Responsible AI for Social Empowerment 2020 through video conference he said Raise2020 is a great effort to encourage discussion on Artificial Intelligence. The National Programme on Artificial Intelligence will be dedicated for solving problems of society. He said "Technology has transformed our workplaces and has improved connectivity. He hoped the merger between social responsibility and AI would enrich AI with the human touch, He also added "The teamwork of AI with humans can do wonders for our planet."
Talking about the National Education Policy 2020 Prime Minister said it focuses on technology-based learning and skilling as a major sort of education. He added E-courses will also be developed in various regional languages and dialects. This whole effort will benefit from the Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities of AI platforms. He said under the ‘Responsible AI for Youth’ program launched in April 2020, more than 11,000 students from schools completed the basic course. They are now building their AI projects.
PM Modi called for the development of innovative ways to use artificial intelligence in various sectors in the country. "AI will play a major role in empowering agriculture, health and creating urban infrastructure such as reducing traffic jams,” Modi said adding that “We can use it for better disaster management and monitoring climate change. We have several languages and dialects and can use AI to bridge language barriers.”
PM Modi suggested using AI to seamlessly bridge language barriers and preserve the diversity of languages and dialects. He also suggested using AI for knowledge sharing. He urged to protect the world against the weaponization of AI by Non-State Actors. He said human creativity and human emotions continue to be our greatest strength and are our unique advantage over machines. He urged everyone to think about how this intellectual edge over machines can be retained and ensure human intelligence is always a few steps ahead of AI. He said we should think about how AI can help humans to increase their capacities.
Further, Prime Minister said, "AI will unlock the unique potential of each person and will empower them to contribute more effectively to the society". He urged the participants to RAISE 2020 to exchange ideas and chart a common course for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. He wished that the Action Roadmap for Responsible AI created out of the discussion would help in transforming the lives and livelihoods of people across the world.