Sanskritization of English will enrich English language: Experts

NewsBharati    07-Nov-2020
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New Delhi, Nov 7: Knowledge and proper understanding of the meaning of Sanskrit words is the prerequisite to negate all efforts to malign and mislead the masses about the real meaning and import of these words, said RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat.
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He was speaking at a virtual book release function on Friday. The book 'Sanskrit Non-Translatables: The Importance of Sanskritizing English' written by noted scholar Rajiv Malhotra and Satyanarayan Das Babaji unfolding the hidden meaning of the 54 Sanskrit words.
Bhagwat said that the foreigners who studied our culture and language looked at it from their point of view and they drew certain inferences about our history, culture and traditions with an intention of keeping our society under a spell of self-denial.
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As they succeeded in their mission, we have knowingly or unknowingly become the instruments in defaming and negating our own culture and traditions, Bhagwat said. That is why our Dharma which would otherwise have become the ‘Vishwa Dharma’ is merely reduced to a ‘religion’, he lamented.
Congratulating the authors of the book he said that this book will go a long way to remove the misgivings, misconceptions and will enable us to frustrate the efforts to malign our language.
Swami Govind Dev Giri also congratulated the authors of the book and said that translating ideas like Dharma, Shraddha, Pind etc. into English is difficult. Such a book was most needed for clarifying the meaning of such words.
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Describing Rajiv Malhotra as an ‘Intellectual Warrior’ the Swami said that this book will be very useful for all those who honestly desire to study Indian Culture from abroad and for the Indians influenced by English Education system.
Quoting Gulabrao Maharaj he said that Sanskrit is a Mantra based language while English is ‘Yantra based’ language and Sanskritization of English will enrich the English language too, he said.
Padmabhushan Scientist and Chancellor of Nalanda University Dr. Vijay Bhatkar said that this book is an eye opener for me. I have been looking for such a book for a long time. There are many words in Sanskrit that can be translated into English.
Satyanaranyan Das Babaji, co-author of this book and Rajiv Malhotra also expressed their opinions about the book. Madhu KIshwar and other intellectuals also expressed their views.