Why this panic buying when essential services are to remain open? It's just 21 life saving days!

News Bharati    25-Mar-2020
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-Siddhi Somani 
Ohh, 21 days curfew drill?! What will we do for these three weeks? What about our food, medicines (panic buying)? The 21 days India lock down declared by PM Modi today should not have come as a surprise to the mass community as it actually did.. especially, after the successful Janata Curfew that India at large catered to on March 22, 2020
The Prime Minister while announcing that one day curfew, had very well uttered in loud and clear voice that this would be a regular drill if a success, of course, in a bid to contain the spread of the deadly corona virus in India. It is within an hour of PM Modi's mass discourse today that people in various parts of India started bringing to pass the panic! Panic to save lives, panic to stock daily course material, panic to work from home for more 21 days and more! While many of them are cornering PM Modi for his curfew decision, it it important to note here that the said 21 days curfew drill is all in favour of saving health of selves and those of the people around.

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Nowhere or at no point of time did he say that people will not be able to buy their daily course needs. No where did he mention that the media, the doctors, especially the police will not cooperate the mass community for their basic life needs. Then why this panic? Rushing out of the doors immediately, self assuming that no medical shops, no grocery stores will be open from now onwards, wonder for how many days are people going to store the stocks?
Well, alarmingly, this is after the Ministry of Home Affairs also the state government, issued a notification listing the essential services that would remain open these 21 days, further urging the masses to not practice panic buying. According to the notification, the grocery shops, fruit, vegetable marts, banks, insurance offices, ATMs, print and electronic media houses, telecommunication and internet services, e-commerce services, petrol services, etc are slated to remain open throughout. So again, why this panic?
The fingers driving the social media need to add a bit of less pinch of spice to the extant corona panic and fear. Without cross checking the facts, truth, heading in some kind of urgency, social media handles carelessly post negative stories, unkown of how harmful it is for the society at large. These should definitely note here that the PM also had himself said on March 19, "people working in essential services such as police, medical services, media, home delivery, fire fighting and serving the nation will not need to take part in the Curfew".
There is actually no need, but if there's anything that these social media drivers need to diligently do, is to use social media power to calm the people of corona fear, spread positivity, usher people with a ray of hope, charge each other to serve the preventive measures conatin corona virus and more alike.
India is hoping to break the chain of Coronavirus spread which has infected hundreds. The number of cases in India according to the data revealed by the Indian Council of Medical Research has reached 536 by Tuesday evening, reporting 10 deaths in all. It is this time that India together needs to fight this rising corona chaos and create a bit of less social media chaos around. Lets be together, stay home, safe together and principally, NOT PANIC while adopting measures containing corona virus.