BFI calls AIBA's decision taken 'haste' after India Loses 2021 Men's World C'ship Hosting Rights

NewsBharati    29-Apr-2020
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New Delhi, April 29: The Boxing Federation of India (BFI) slammed that the decision by the International Boxing Association (AIBA) was taken in "haste" after the hosting rights of the Men's World Championship 2021 were taken away from India for not paying the host fees on time.
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In a statement on Monday night, AIBA said that the championship would be moved, originally allotted to India in 2017, to Serbia's capital Belgrade.
The BFI in a statement read, "In an official media communication, AIBA has notified that the World Championship 2021 hosting rights have been awarded to Belgrade, Serbia and India has been asked to pay a cancellation penalty fees sighting the Host City Agreement terms which according to BFI is a decision taken in haste. "
Earlier, the AIBA said in a statement, "After New Delhi didn't fulfill its obligations to pay host fee as mentioned in the Host City Agreement terms, AIBA has terminated the contract. Therefore, India would have to pay a cancellation penalty of USD 500".
However, the BFI accused AIBA of not assisting in the procedural in which the money was to be transferred during the bank operation linked to Serbia. "The WCH-2021 was alloted to BFI and the host city agreement was signed. Subsequently, the AIBA account in Lausanne was frozen, " BFI said in a statement.
"AIBA intended to have some previous payments through an account in Serbia. As Serbia is in the Gray List of FATF (Financial Action Task Force) countries, Indian Banks do not normally send money to Serbia. AIBA could not resolve issues. The account of AIBA in Switzerland as mentioned in Host City Agreement is still inoperative, " it added.
Further, it said, "While the payment of the first installment was to be paid by December 01, 2019, AIBA invited fresh bids on December 01, 2019, itself. Under such circumstances, BFI is no obligation to pay any cancellation or penalty fees to AIBA.
Meanwhile, BFI president Ajay Singh, is in contact with the AIBA interim president Dr Mohamed Mustahsane and both of them are working towards a mutual decision. It is reported that the apex body will waive off at least the cancellation fees.