The Dark Age

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Europe until the fourth century was a multicultural continent. Not unlike a valley of flowers, that has a variety of flowers in many a sizes and shapes, with multitudes of colours and a wealth of fragrances. This continent around the Mediterranean Sea was a colourful mixture of various cultures, that had many Gods and Goddesses, that worshipped the Nature, the Rivers, the Earth, the Air and Fire and the Sun and the Moon and the animals. They had a wealth of knowledge in the areas of geometry, mathematics, astronomy, architecture and medicine. They were the cultures of Romans, Greeks, Nordics, Druids and many others.
In the first part of 1st century, Jesus (if he existed) was crucified in Jerusalem. From then until 4th century his followers were a small group in the Roman Empire. A minority. In the 4th century Roman Emperor Constantine recognised Christianity as an official religion. Later in his life he became a Christian. Under the reign of later Emperor Theodosius I, Christianity became the state religion of Roman Empire. Soon it became the only religion of the state. This is where the "Roman Catholic Church" was born. The Church used its temporal powers to spread Christianity and its spiritual powers to ‘shepherd’ its members. Soon the place that was a polytheistic, philosophical, scientific minded, that believed in debates to establish truth and a multicoloured celebration of nature became a monotonous, monolithic, monochromatic, monotheistic place. What came with Christianity was a Dark Age that lasted for more than a thousand years.
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Spreading the new religion was a twofold process - show the new religion as a 'saviour' and simultaneously demonize the Pagan culture. Recruit people into the new religion at the same time prevent anyone from leaving the new religion. Post death, promise the converts of an eternal life in heaven, while threaten the Pagans of rotting in hell. Proclaim widely that the Pagan Gods are false and at the same time if anybody ‘insults’ the God of the new religion punish it.
Here is how Christianity took hold and became dominant in Europe. While we look at the incidents that happened in the 4th century Europe, take a look at the incidents happening in India today. Are they similar? Are they taking India on the same path of self destruction? That needs to be contemplated.
Read on -
1. Convert the King. In the 4th century, the Roman Emperor Constantine I was converted to Christianity. (Is this like having a Christian CM in Andhra?)
2. Now with king on your side - cancel the Pagan holidays. In India, the schools had holidays called Anadhyayan / अनध्ययन on Full Moon day and the New Moon day. This coincided with many celebrations and festivals that are on Pournima and Amavasya / Pratipada. Like Guru Pournima, Rakhi Pournima, Holi Pournima, Vata Pournima, Buddha Pournima, Padava, Laksmi Poojan etc. So there was no need to give separate holiday for these festivals. But during the British rule, this changed. The schools got holiday on Sunday. (Which, by the way, was quite convenient to get students to attend Sunday School of the Church)
3. Target small Pagan groups that are backward or poor or live in remote areas. Bombard upon them that their Gods are false. Demonize their Gods. Example – In Europe, the Church started demonizing the Pagan Gods Jupiter and Neptune and Thor. The image of Satan with trident was created exactly in the image of God Neptune. (Is this similar to demonizing Shriram and Mahishasura Mardini in tribal areas of India? Is this similar to try and create a hero out of Ravana or Mahishasur?)
4. If anyone disrespects the God of the new religion, it is ‘blasphemy’. Make it a punishable offense under the law. (Is this like the case of Sanal Edamaruku, who exposed a so called miracle of a Mumbai church and is in a self imposed exile to escape imprisonment and death threats ever since?)
5. Get the control of the Pagan temples. The Pagan temples of Mithra and Vesta and Apollo were grabbed by the Church in 4th century. In Rome, in Egypt, in Greece everywhere. (Is this similar to the Andhra State with CM Jagan Reddy, planning to sell off Tirupati Temple lands?)
6. Persecute the Pagan Priests. Persecution of the pagans and their priests at the hands of Roman Emperors became a norm in 4th and 5th century. (Is this similar to the arrest of Shankaracharya in 2005, on the eve of Diwali?)
7. Provoke the new converts to lynch some Pagan Seers. This will instil fear among the Pagans and help curb opposition. For example, in 4th century Egypt, Hypatia of Alexandria, a mathematician, a philosopher was lynched by a mob. (Is this incident similar to that of the mob lynching of Sadhus SushantGiri and KalpavrukshaGiri at Palghar?)
8. Take over traditional pagan sites. In Sweden the Church of Gamle Uppsala stands alongside a series of huge pagan burial mounds. Or the many Churches of Rome were built on top of Mithra Temples. (Remember planting of crosses at Sabarimala? Is this to try to take over the ownership of the land that is sacred to Pagans?)
9. Prohibit worship Pagan Gods. The Roman Emperor Constantius had prohibited people from attending Pagan sacrifices. (Is this similar to the NCP MP Sule who opposed Satynarayana Pooja in Pune? Is this similar to removing the images of Ganesha from the NorthEast University?)
10. If anyone questions the ways and beliefs of the new religion, call him 'heretic'. Carry out an inquiry for his deeds. For example in the 16th century, the Italian Galileo had to undergo an Inquisition for questioning ‘Geocentric System’ belief. (Is this similar to Arnab Goswami being interrogated for 12 hours? For questioning some beliefs?)
11. Use Temple properties for Church. Once the Pagans were driven out of their temples the material from the temples was used to build Churches. For example the marbles of Vesta Temple were used for building Church in Rome. (Is this similar to taxing the Temples to Fund the activities of Church in India? Is this similar to the recent suggestion of a Senior Congress MP Chavhan to ‘immediately appropriate’ the gold from temples?)

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12. Appropriate popular symbols from the Pagans. The Church from 4th century started appropriating Pagan symbols and festivals too. For example the ‘Cross’ that was a Pagan symbol, became the symbol of Christianity in 4th century. Sunday worship, 25th December celebrations, Easter Eggs, Halloween all of these were appropriated from Pagans. This helped in fooling the Pagans into the new religion. (Is this similar to the claim of Jesus being a disciple of Buddha? Is it similar to the Indian converts and missionaries who continue to use their Pagan names? Is it similar some Christian monks cladding themselves in saffron clothes?)
13. Instil belief in 'miracles'. Do grand shows of a Pastor miraculously curing a patient from a grave disease. This is how Sainthood is conferred, based on miracles. Such ‘miracle shows’ are being carried out all over in India.
By following such steps the Christianization of Europe was done. The result? A Pagan starts believing in miracles and not in his/her ability. The existing cultural infrastructure is destroyed. Their places of worship are destroyed. Their Gods are demonized. Pagan Priests no more. And new religion has been imposed.
Now, no one can question the new religion. No one can flee from it. No one can worship any other God. No one can think out of the given box. What seeps in is the culture of disrespect and a complete disregard for the women folk, the gay community, scientific temperament, nature and animals. Women do not get right to vote, lose their right to abortion and get objectified. Cause, in the new religion, women are a secondary citizen. Being Gay becomes punishable. Science takes a backseat. Garbage can be dumped in the Earth and Sea. Cause now no God of Earth or Sea is going to get angry about it. Meat factories can be setup. Cause, in the new religion, animals and fish and birds are looked upon as commodities.
With this the once upon a time colourful Pagan culture is on its way to the abyss of a dark age.
The happenings in India are worrisome because they are following the footsteps of what happened in the 4th century Europe. This path will only take the country into a Dark Age. If this continues, the culture that prays “तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय” will go from Light to Darkness.
On the positive side, do note that eventually, after a thousand years Europe came out of the dark ages. This was after Renaissance; that is after the rebirth of its Pagan Greek and Roman cultures. Europe entered an ‘Age of Enlightenment’ only after its people protested against the Catholic Church. This happened after millions of Christian Europeans were sacrificed, beheaded, burnt at the stake, tortured, massacred and killed in wars. That was the cost Europe had to pay to see today’s Scientific temperament, Women’s Liberation, Animal Rights Groups and LGBTQ movements in Europe. Since the late 20th century, Europe has woken up to know the real value of Church, today less than 2% of young Europeans go to the Church.
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