‘Trusted talent for economy, humans at core of India’s global engagement', says Jaishankar

NewsBharati    15-Jun-2020
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New Delhi, June 15: "India is an essential source of trusted talent and competitive skills for the global economy and human resources are at the core of India’s engagement with the world," Union External affairs minister (EAM) Dr. S Jaishankar said in Delhi on Monday.
Addressing the third edition of the Annual Conference of Protectors of Emigrants via video-conferencing, he said the protectors of emigrants must also rise to the challenge of reviving the post-COVID economy and engage with the post-COVID world.“Our government has accorded the highest priority to promoting the interests of Indian emigrants for the last six years,” Jaishankar said. 

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He said that we must recover market share as quickly as possible. "The coming months will see dedicated efforts in that direction. The contribution that the protector of emigrants (POEs) can make to facilitate this national objective is significant," the minister said.
He said the focus of the Government has been to provide better opportunities and welfare measures to prospective migrants.“The focus of the conference would be to focus on the policy and practices about all aspects of migration. And this is a very important responsibility and one that has acquired even greater responsibility in the light coronavirus pandemic,” he said.
The government, therefore, has been engaged with its foreign counterparts to provide ease of travel and opportunities through migration and mobility agreements, Jaishankar said. "We are currently focussed on ensuring that the negative economic consequences of the pandemic on our talent and skills abroad are mitigated. That is influenced not only by the quality of our various bilateral relationships but the overall helpful approach that we have displayed with regard to the health and economic requirements of our partners," he said
"It is imperative that we recover our market share as quickly as possible. The coming months will see dedicated efforts in that direction," India's EAM said, adding, "The contribution that protector of emigrants (POEs) can make to facilitate this national objective is significant."
He also noted that many of the Indian workers, who after long years of service abroad returned with advanced skills and abilities, would contribute to the country's development."Many migrants who have lived abroad for many years are returning with advanced skills and they can contribute to India's development. We are engaged in such data capture and mapping as an accompanying element of the Vande Bharat mission currently under progress," he said.
"MEA has facilitated data flows to National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to develop 'Swadesh', a database for skilled workers. Together with E-migrate, these can become basic tools for skill job matching for migrant workers," he added.