Sangha- In and Out : A 'Chalta Bolta Itihas'!

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I have always believed, 'People don't change; They just become a clearer version of who they really are'. Not limiting to this country, one such organisation that has made every Bharatiya around the world feel the same as if in Bharat, is the Sangha.. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha!
I am neither a swayamsevak nor its partisan. What then gives me the right, to write about the organisation and its activities, one may ask. Well, as a matter of fact I have been steadfast to the opinion of not associating with any political party, political organisation, political forum, political movement or even with an organisation that might have anything to do with a political party; and by the grace of God my work has at all the times aligned me perfectly with this opinion.

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However, as a child I watched closely, the Shakha, the Sangha here in progress, and their discipline, tidy clarity of thought were no doubts points of attraction for me. Then as a young and later even as a grown up, by virtue of my work and my senior circle, opportunities of witnessing many a marvellous work of RSS, came my way.
The organisation, since its inception has been in the web of criticism whatsoever it did, does. Writings and speeches of few political leaders, social workers and those of self proclaimed intellectuals tend to give rise to a peculiar kind of image of RSS in the minds of many and that admitttedly set me thinking. That no human is perfect, and so no human organisation can be perfect and 100 per cent falwless either, is a fact I totally accept. But why not give appreciation where it is justifuable due? That is a valid expectation and certainly would not count as unreasonable, would it?
Writing this, I see many people having questions, 'What is Sangha?', 'What does it do?', and so on and so forth. Even I had them a few months ago. Reading and reading I finally have a hand at the 'Living History' of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha.. what they call is the 'Chalta Bolta Itihas'!

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RSS was founded in year 1925, the seeds of which were sowed by Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar a 90 years ago. The seed is now a huge Banyan tree- A 'vatavriksha' of immense expanse and stature. So, just how many branches and how many leaves this vast 'vriksha' might have, is not in the least easy to keep a count of. The fact remains the same that this organisation stands erect, tall and competent, its roots embedded very deep in the Bharatiya mind and mindset; and is developing at the pace and on the lines of an expansive Banyan tree indeed.
There are ever so many, who pledge allegiance to the ideology of Sangha with its intense and ardent patriotism, its fervent faith and commitment to the dharma and its advocacy of the original Bharatiya culture and values. I personally have many of friends of my age who have been committed to Sangha and its thought process. The organisational skill of the Sangha, its style of work as much as its mission to rise and rush to the need of the nation ranging from times of foreign invasion to those of natural disaster all remain by far, matchless!
It was only a few months ago that, at the time wide pandemic spread, many could experience for themselves this dedication to the cause. Yet there are others who are not quite aware of the Sangha and its mission. The image that they have been carying of the Sangha is quite too different. The reason why I probably see this happening is that just like there are plenty in the country who have firm faith in the Sangha and are associated with it, there happen to be others, who look at it with suspicion..
..To be continued..
(This is first part of the article series (Sangha- In and Out)  that is put down to make people aware of a peerless organisation in the world.. the RSS. The next part of the series consists of write up conveying the 'tradition of Sangha'- will be published on August 31)