Rise of Urban upfront in Maoists rebellion

NewsBharati    27-Aug-2020
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Recalling stories from the past always helps in putting things into perspective. It reprimands us our misconceptions sometimes they intro due to an element of happiness into grey grimness that increasingly surrounds us like 'Urban Naxals'. One of the ghastly propaganda concept by the Leftist or 'Maoists Sympathizers' to establish anti-establishment are highlighting the fact that "Maoism is a democratic ideology and they fight for the protection of people's rights.
Recalling the Incidents : Urban Naxals
On 31 December, 2017 Gujarat's MLA Jignesh Mewani and former JNU student Umar Khalid had been arrested. The case became prominent when the list included some high profile intellectuals, lawyers, and activists. Some of them are in jail for over a year now. Leftist denied it by saying that the Elgaar accused are from democratic left ideologists and not Maoists but framed as Maoists.

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But from the trustable source of South Asian Terrorism Portal (SATP.org), horrendous statistics of killings of 14430 Indians from 1999 to 2019, and 10582 Indians from 2000 to 2020, neither seems to be a fight for people's protection
nor a democratic ideology.
The accusations of the Pune City police under section of IPC and UAPA against 19 out of 23, police claimed that the arrested activists had active links to the CPI (Maoists) which was engaged in destabilizing the country, Working against National Security and even engaged in the conspiracy of assassination of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
On What grounds allegations and incidents like creating communal disharmony, provocative speeches, circulating printed Naxal literature to exploit the communal sentiments, creating violence, instability, and chaos could be justified on the basis of "This is the violation of human rights" as statement Elgaar Parishad issues in defense?
Not just limited to the dense forest areas, due to major shift in their outreach policy now Maoists have started participating and manipulating the tribals in the controversial burning issues of the government like National Register of Citizens(NRC), Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register (NPR) as a new offense to fight against the state.
In an official statement issued recently, the Left-Wing ultras have taken on the Hindutva agenda of the Indian Right and extended support to the minorities. The statement issued on 7 March by one of the banned Maoists made an attack on the ideology of Rashtriya Swayum Sevak (RSS), Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) for allegedly pursuing 'Brahminical Hindutava,' oppressing and neglecting the voices of Dalits, minorities, farmers, women, Adivasis. They also attached the policies of Narendra Modi's.
By bringing in triple talaq bill, the Modi government pretended to be a benefactor for Muslim women, which is false," Sainath, secretary of Darbha Divisional Committee of the CPI (Maoist), Dandakaranya, claimed in the statement.
So the conclusion lies in the fact that It is an attempt by the Ultra-Left group to broaden their social base and get into urban territories and gain sympathy and tacit support of those who are critics of the current government. The attack is on the ideologies through manipulation by attracting the people by lending support, organizing events, and addressing anti-government speeches. They live with us, surround us, talk to us, and misuse their power of manipulation to overthrow democracy through armed struggle. Their supporters in massive numbers are promoting by occupying the prominent position in the system acts like 'Bedbug' are so-called 'Intellectuals,' 'Thinkers,' 'Professionals,' 'Activists,' and 'Influencers' termed as 'Urban Naxals.'

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Their strategy is evident in a document, namely 'Strategic and Tactics of Indian Revolution' drafter post-consolidation of various Naxal outfits in India 2004 clearly states :
"The Central task of the Revolution – Seizure of political power through people's war. To accomplish the task, Indian people will have to wipe out that armed forces of the Indian state through was and establish in it's place the People's Democratic State. The very act of establishing the state machinery of the people by destroying through was, the state's army, police and the bureaucratic machinery is the Central task of the people's Democratic
Revolution of India."
The document specifies the chaos and put forward the anti-establishment mindset and agendas of the 'Urban Naxals'.
Chaos in the concept of Urban Naxals
An instance from the past of OP Steeplechase in 1971,an operation launched by Indian Army against Naxalite Culmination in West Bengal had uprooted the uprising of the Santhal Tribal but noticed the merger of People's war group ( PWG), Maoists Communist Centre (MCC) Into CPI (Maoists) which revived the Naxalite insurgency and rooted for all Indian orientation through densely forested areas of Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattishgarh ( Bastar), Jharkhand from 9 states and 53 districts to 17 states and over 180 districts and even at the places where the dense forest does not exist. So, how they expanded their roots? Let's understand the concept by taking quoting some examples.
There are two types of Naxals or CPI(Maoists): Urban Naxals and Rural or Traditional Naxals. The 'Urban Naxals' functions through elite cadres and the list includes: Sudha Bharadwaj, Indian Association of People's lawyer(IAPL) in connection with Elgaar Parishad, Bhima Koregaon conclave in 2017, Surendra Gadling, Secretary, Committee Against Violence On Women and human rights activists for the same, Roma Wilson (Kabir Kala Manch) associated with Elgaar Parishad, Naveen Babu ( former JNU student) and now recently added Varavara Rao, an overground ideologue of the Maoists who were trying to justify the violent methods of LTTE. He has been calling the violent acts of Maoists as the "act of Resistance".
Districts of Chhattishgarh like Sukama, Bastar, Tirathgarh, with 23 other declared as the part of 'Red Corridor' are constantly facing brutal violence in the Electoral process, killings of polling officers, policemen, kidnapping of an IAS officers. Were the killings of polling officers the act of Resistance? Were the underdevelopment and the lack of necessary facilities in those areas because of Naxal activities, the part of people's revolution for their rights? Isn't it the Resistance against the assault of Parliamentary democracy? The answers to these questions is the basic idea behind creating Urban Naxals. The 'act of Resistance' seems to his suggestion to the people that they ought to pay the price in order to struggle for their rights. Easier said than done, especially for people like Varvara Rao, whose utter lack of empathy on killings is reminiscent of the tough Stalinist era. 'Urban Naxals,' they think that they think differently from government similar to connect this to the question asked by Maxim Gorky to Lenin," Does not Lenin's government, as the Romanov government did, seize and drag off to prison all those who think differently?

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Well, every culprit of the system always calls himself the victim of the system. This is an era of perception warfare, where ideologies are delusional, facts are twisted, evidence is excused, and Truth is sacrificed.
It raises an important question: If Maoists were the part of Democratic left, why did CPI and CPM criticized it in 1967 and took action on them during OP Steeplechase in 70's? Why did they threaten the Maoists who were out to help Trinamool Congress, a democratic ideologist party in West Bengal in 2010?
How 'Urban Naxals' are affecting the Integrity of our country?
The Urban movement through young and well-educated personalities, educationalists, and activists to establish leadership for providing supplies, technologies, expertise, information, money, and logistic support by overground activists. As the strategist document mentioned above already focussed on "People's leadership", and it's no longer includes the oppressed class only but extended the reach through all types of masses. The Urban movement of Maoists is of importance because it supports what we call "Rural Naxals".
According to the facts given in the article written by War veteran and strategic analyst Major General GD Bakshi that the Naxalites in India extends all the ways from Pashupati in Nepal to Tirupati in peninsular India. The supply of arms which includes the unimaginable 10,000 armed cadres, some 15,000 assorted weapons ( 900 AK-47, 200 light machines Rocket launchers ). Maoists have also gained power in Nepal, with the establishment of the Central Military Commission and 5 Regional Bureaus.
If rumors are to be believed, Pakistan' ISI has constantly been making efforts to forge links with Maoists. It is still regarded as one of the biggest threats and challenges for India's Internal and External National Security as former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh described. And how all these can be possible with the help of resources provided to them by the CPI and CPM's political leaders and business people.
Despite all the warnings from Prime Minister himself, LWE (Left Wing Extremism), especially in the Chhattishgarh and Jharkhand, are expanding their foot with the help of 'Urban Naxals.'
India's Integrity is in danger as it is surrounded by the communist forces who are lending their support to each other mergers( Ironically, to those who think differently) against India to engage in a fratricidal war.