Jharkhand's famous Babadham Peda to get GI tag

NewsBharati    26-Sep-2020
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Ranchi, Sept 26 : Jharkhand's Deogarh district Deputy Commisioner Kamleshwar Prasad Singh has mentioned about branding and advertising of Babadham Peda for which the district management has decided to use the GI tag. The brand which belongs to the temple city of Deogarh is renowned nation - wide and thus, an old request to put a GI tag on the sweet has been considered officially and the district administration has put up an application to get a unique distinction for the Pedas.

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The District Deputy Commissioner stated, " GI tagging will increase the income of peda traders and give global identity to the product. The financial condition of Peda traders involved in this business since generations, would be enhanced manifold." The Babadham Pedas are not actually distributed as prasad at the Baba Baidyanath Temple, but it has now become an unsaid ritual due to the quality of the product that the temple visitors buy the Babadham Pedas without fail as a remembrance of the place. In consideration of this, it was recommended quite ago that the product should be given GI tag, however, it is now that the recommendation has been considered.
In order to take the decision ahead, along with other administrative steps, the district administration had also held a meeting at Vikash Bhawan with Babadham Peda Traders Association ( BPTA ) on Sept 23, whereby the association members have been asked to prepare a list of traders from the district who will be trading the tagged products later.
A GI tag is endowed to products which have a unique geographical origin and have evolved over centuries with regard to its special quality. Thus, the tag acts as a mark of authenticity and legally provides rights to traders living inside the geographical territory of the mentioned product are allowed to use the popular product names, only followed by a legitimate procedure.
Jharkhand authorities have stated that an application will be sent to the Chennai - based GI Registry for the tag. GI tag provides legal protection to Indian Geographical Indications and prevents unauthorized use of the registered GI's by others. The tags, most importantly, provide world - wide recognition of a local product resulting into a boost to the export.