"Pakistan treats us like dogs" says POK activist at UNHRC

NewsBharati    28-Sep-2020
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New Delhi, Sept 28 : Human Rights activist of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Prof. Sajjad Raja broke down at the UNHRC Geneva while explaining the perils of Kashmiris. He expressed their misery by stating 'Pakistan treats us like dogs' and pleaded to stop treating humans like animals. He was raising his voice against the atrocities faced by the residents of POK, at United Nations Human Rights Commission, Geneva.

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In his speech, Prof Raja, Chairman of the National Equality Party JKGBL stated "We the people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir plead the council to stop Pakistan from treating us like animals. The POK election Act 2020 has taken away all of our constitutional, civil and political rights. Our activities opposing accession to Pakistan have been declared anti-state in flagrant violations of United Nations Resolutions." He also remarked that Pakistan is overtly brainwashing the youth of Jammu and Kashmir, on both the sides of the border, and using them as weapons to instigate a proxy war with India. During his speech, he also declared it publicly that Pakistan is running terror camps in Azad Kashmir.
Prof Raja spoke in the background of the declaration made by Pakistan Government's recently claiming the disputed region of Gilgit - Baltistan. While addressing the meet, he strongly put it forth that this will enable the Pakistani Government to repress blatantly the culture and ethnicity of the people of Gilgit - Baltistan and deprive them of their land and identity. According to Prof. Raja, this is going to indirectly push the whole world in the radar of a brutal war.
Prof Raja stated that the freedom of Gilgit Baltistan people is being compromised for the political agendas of Pakistan and begged for the UN to look into the matter. In this regard the Ministry of External Affairs of India had issued a statement to oppose Pakistan SC's move to allow elections in Azad Kashmir by stating, " India’s reaction is consistent with previous objections it has voiced against elections in G-B and in other parts of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, which it refers to as “Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK)”. India had always been considering the entire region of Kashmir and G-B as its own parts not only emotionally but constitutionally as well. This stand was further made clear after the abrogation of Article 370 and including the G-B region in the UT of Ladakh. Pakistan's POK election act 2020 is a delayed response to the same.