MDMA tablets worth Rs 5 lakh smuggled from Netherlands seized in Chennai

NewsBharati    29-Sep-2020
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Mumbai, September 28: Chennai Air Customs officials suspected two postal parcels to contain narcotic substances, which arrived from the Netherlands at Foreign Post Office. The two parcels contained a total of 165 MDMA drugs worth Rs 5 lakhs which the officials seized it under the NDPS Act 1985.
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Commissioner of Customs, Chennai International Airport said that the first parcel contained 105 MDMA tablets with “PP” marking commonly known as “Philipp Plein”. The parcel was addressed to an individual in Chennai city, but the address was found to be incomplete.
Meanwhile, 60 MDMA tablets were recovered from the second parcel. These tablets known as “Blue Punisher” embossed with skull marks contain around 300 mg of MDMA which is a very high dose. Total 165 MDMA tablets valued at Rs. 5 lakhs were recovered and seized under the NDPS Act, 1985. According to officials, searches revealed that the recipient address was of a textile company, with a fake consignee name.
The parcel arrived from Zwolle, a city in the north-eastern Netherlands, and was addressed to a person in Tirupur. The address was that of a textile company with a fake consignee name.
Earlier, Chennai Air Customs seized 130 MDMA tablets valued at Rs. 4 lakhs under NDPS Act, 1985 from a postal parcel, which arrived from France at Foreign Post Office, Chennai. On 15 September NDPS seized 3440 narcotics to be sent to the US state of Florida. It contained 2340 methylphenidate, 600 solbidem, and 500 clonazepam tablets. A wholesale drug dealer was arrested.
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