Iran, India to discuss agricultural co-op on October 13

NewsBharati    30-Sep-2020
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New Delhi, September 30: India and Iran are supposed to discuss cooperation in the field of agriculture in an online meeting on October 13 where a number of officials from both sides will participate, including Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture Head Masoud Khansari, Indian Ambassador to Tehran Gaddam Dharmendra, and a representative from the Indian Ministry of Agriculture.
Economic and political relations between Iran and India date back to centuries ago and the two countries have kept their ties throughout many turbulences and ups and downs. India is the only foreign country that is currently participating in a major development project in Iran despite the U.S. sanctions. The Chabahar Port development project, in southeastern Iran, is the anchor for the expansion of economic relations between the two nations.

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In an interview conducted by the Tehran Times at the place of the daily in mid-July, Indian Ambassador to Tehran Gaddam Dharmendra said, “Iran is a very import trade partner for us, and this year, especially, is more significant since it marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the two countries' political relations which was started after the signing of a treaty between the two sides.”
“Iran and India’s relationship is not something new, it is very robust and goes back to centuries. We have a very strong foundation to build upon and that is how the two sides’ leaders are stressing the need for expanding relationships in all areas”, the Indian envoy reiterated. “We are also neighbors, we are maritime neighbors, and now with Chabahar port as the anchor of the two countries' trade relations, we have become maritime partners as well”, he added.
Prime Minister Modi and President Rouhani have met four times this year and that is the indication of how important the relations are for both sides, Dharmendra said. “As you see, our economic relations continue despite all the limitations and challenges”, the ambassador underlined. India was the first country that put in place a banking mechanism to be able to trade with Iran in national currencies. This rupee-rial channel is being facilitated by the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It has helped the traders in both countries for the exchange of commodities.
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