'Democracy under siege' to 'Trump incites mob' this is how newspapers covered US Capitol Siege

NewsBharati    07-Jan-2021   
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Washington DC, January 07: Following the unprecedented siege that shook the US Capitol Hill and the USA, front pages around the world have covered the storm of Pro-Trump protesters through different lenses. Let's just go through, how the world is responding to Pro-Trump mob storming the U.S. Capitol?

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New York Times
On its front page, the New York Times carries the blunt headline "Trump incites mob" along with images of rioters scaling the walls of the Capitol. It notes in a subhead that the unrest will be "part of his legacy", according to one Republican.
The Metro
The Metro shows the same scene from a different angle and calls it 'Anarchy in the US'. It says Trump supporters storm Congress as the last bid to overturn the election fails. It said the protesters' "last bid" to overturn election results "failed" - and carries a photo of Donald Trump "saluting" his supporters at a rally.
 Washington Post: 
Giving headline it as 'Trump Mob Storms Capitol', WP called it as a historic front page from the Washington Post. It doesn’t let the violence obscure the fact of the Democrats’ win in Georgia. 
The Daily News  
The Daily News described the incident with the bold headline 'SIEGE' with an image of the protesters. It further describes it as the 'Prez incites insurrection'.
Daily Express and I Newspapers  
In the United Kingdom, the Daily Express and I Newspapers used the words 'anarchy' in Headline to describe the situation of Capitol. Calling it as 'Anarchy in the USA' the Daily Express wrote that the outgoing president, Donald Trump, “opened the gates for violence and deaths”.

Making it as the lead story of the newspaper The Time on its front page displayed a dramatic image of police defending the floor of the House, with the headline "US Capitol under siege".
Financial Times  
The Financial Times showcased the riots outside the building and covered the refusal of the vice-president, Mike Pence, to help Trump overturn the will of American voters. The headline is “Rioters storm Congress after Pence defies Trump on election”. It reported that protesters tore down metal barricades and charge past officers in riot gear before gaining access to the hallways of Congress. The paper adds that US stocks and Treasury yields rose at the prospect of a Democratic-led Congress after Jon Ossoff joined Raphael Warnock in defeating Republican incumbents David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler respectively.
The Guardian
The Guardian carried a scene from the Capitol’s rotunda, filled with a pro-Trump mob waving the flag of their leader: "Chaos as pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol". The paper describes the unrest as the "most dramatic challenge to the US democratic system since the civil war".
The Telegraph 
Pro-Democratic supporter The Telegraph describes the riots as “democracy under siege" and called it the "last chapter in Trump’s toxic legacy to America”.It carries the confronting image of security officials with weapons drawn barricading the entrance to the chamber of the House.

With the headline, 'Capitol Invasion' they used a picture of armed police barricading the door to the chamber of the House of Representatives against the protesters.
Altoona Mirror  
Altoona Mirror called it as the Democracy under siege with the subheadline Nation stunned when pro-Trump mob storms Capitol.
It describes the violence as the "Assault on democracy".
Daily Mirror 
The heart of the Britan Daily Mirror captions this as a Crze trump mod storms U.s Capitol.
Daily Mail 
The Daily Mail gives the unrest a picture slot only, with the headline: “Trump’s hate mob storms the Capitol”.
Interestingly the Daily Star covered this news but they put it on 7 pages in an attempt to ignore this violence.