US Capitol Attack- Revealing loopholes in American democracy!

NewsBharati    08-Jan-2021   
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Beginning of the year and US has witnessed disgraceful scenes. 6 January 2021 has turned into nightmare for all Americans and the world. The day will go down in US history as black of American democracy in the future. 
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On Thursday, America and the world shook up due to the unimaginable attack, which ransacked the United States Capitol—the world’s greatest symbol of self-government. It happened in just minutes after thousand of Republican enablers attacked the world’s oldest and most powerful democracy legislative heart — the US Capitol, desperate attempt to overturn the Joe Biden victory. It quickly devolved into scenes of fear and agony that left a prime ritual of American democracy in tatters. Incited by an arrogant sitting president the mob forced members of the House and Senate to suspend a joint session of Congress which was to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the recently concluded 2020 US election. The rioters broke windows, tore flags, and even reached the Senate chamber. The pro-Trump mob took over the presiding officer’s chair in the Senate. The unprecedented assault on the nation’s democracy that "borders on sedition". The attack at the Capitol was a despicable act of terrorism and a shocking assault on the American democratic system. 
But why this attack was shocking?
The unprecedented and shameless assault was very disturbing and heartbreaking as it was happening in America. This incident was shocking as this was the world's largest democracy which is the idol for all the world. The world would not react the same way if the incident would have happened in India. Yes, India also has the world's largest democracy but things are different in India. If we check Indian history we can easily find such incidents where oppositions attack Speakers or opposition create violence in the upper house of India. This kind of attack is not new for India. Liberals always have a habit to create storms in Lok Sabha. We lived in such a type of democracy where they can do such things in Parliament because democracy has given us those rights. Currently, some protesters are protesting against the NDA government in Delhi. But this is also true that Indian will never do such a thing for power. They always accept their defeat whatever if they lost a no-confidence motion by just 1 vote. Having said that Indians who worship the parliament like a temple will never attack the parliament this way for the power. They didn't do such a thing for power because Indians always put the nation ahead of Politics and it is a greatest strength of Indian Democracy.
The incident has broken the glorious images of Washington and American Democracy. The era of democracy has been demolished by Trump's supporters. American democracy has now become a big joke.

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The sitting president's loyalists managed to break into the house of American democracy and stop legislators (temporarily, at least) from carrying out one of their most solemn tasks: endorsing the will of the people. Trump sparked these assaults. Trump's presidency has done lots of damage. He has railed for months against the verdict rendered by voters in November. He summoned his supporters to gather in Washington on this day and encouraged them to march on the Capitol. He summoned his supporters to gather in Washington on this day and encouraged them to march on the Capitol. He told them that the election was being stolen. He told them to fight. He told them he might join them and, even as they stormed the building, he declined for long hours to tell them to stop, to condemn their actions, to raise a finger in defense of the Constitution that he swore to preserve and protect. When he finally spoke, late in the day, he affirmed the protesters’ anger, telling them again that the election was stolen, but asking them to go home anyway. It was the performance of a man unwilling to fulfill his duties as the president or to confront the consequences of his behavior.
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He could have stopped them but he didn't because he was so hungry for the power that he didn't even realize that they have attacked the Capitol hill which he was fighting. His greediness for the power is so huge, he is not able to accept the results of the Americans. He is so involved to gain the power, he is destroying his own country's democracy. 

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What he gained from this? Nothing! At the end, he conceded his defeat and accepted Biden's win. Why he didn't accept it earlier? Due to his stubbornness, he has broken the neat image of American Democracy. The attack has shown the loophole of American Democracy. Earlier, it was an role model for the world, but now it has become just like any other country of the world. It has now the Capitol of Racism. America stands divided and broken.