Kerala's famous film director Ali Akbar announces to quit Islam after being hurt by Islamists celebrating the death of CDS Gen Bipin Rawat

He said he has lost faith in the religion, and he posted a video on his Facebook page about it.

NewsBharati    11-Dec-2021
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Thiruvananthpuram, December 11: After getting hurt by the incident where several Muslims celebrated the tragic death of CDS General Bipin Rawat, the renowned Malayalam director Ali Akbar has announced that he is leaving Islam and will convert to Hinduism. Ali Akbar revealed this on Facebook, where he also stated that he and his family will have no religion henceforth.
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Akbar said that even top leaders of Islam have not opposed such actions by ‘anti-nationals’ who dishonoured a brave military officer and could not accept it. He said he has lost faith in the religion, and he posted a video on his Facebook page about it. Akbar’s account was suspended for a month after the video received hateful comments on the platform.
The director then opened another account and declared that he was leaving Islam. Akbar said, "Within five minutes of speaking out against those who put up emojis, the account was blocked. I can not accept it, I can not agree with it, so I’m leaving my religion. I or my family no longer have a religion. That is the decision."
Ali Akbar further said that from now on he will be known as Ram Singh. "Ramasimhan is a person who was killed while sticking to the culture of Kerala. Tomorrow Ali Akbar will be called Ram Singh. That’s the best name," he said.
Ramasimhan and his family were butchered by Islamists for converting to Hinduism from Islam in 1947.
 Ramasimhan, his brother Dayasimhan, Dayasimhan’s wife Kamala, their cook Raju Iyer and other members of the family were brutally butchered by Islamist Jihadists in Malaparamba, Malappuram district on 2nd August 1947, just two weeks before the independence.
Ali Akbar informed that he took the decision to quit Islam after discussing the matter with his wife. ‘I am throwing away the dress I was born with’, he said.