Secret Cross Prayers and Open Conversion; Acting 'secular' by all means will be back-breaking

The problems spring up when certain evangelist missionary organizations forcefully convert people here after making them believe that they are deprived of basic resources in India and how being a Hindu is of damage.

NewsBharati    24-Dec-2021   
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Secularism is a funny concept. It allows 'intellectual liberal minds' to place their irrelevant points with such confidence that the new aged information junkies tend to think right about the concept but wrong about the 'Rights' in the country. Secularism means the principle of separation of the state from religious institutions. It gets prostituted the moment the claims of separate treatment are tolerated or encouraged in any way for the sake of personal, political interest. Even the concept of minority and allowing it to have its say in the matters of governance detracts from the character of secularism.

The New York Times, whatever you label it leading or mainstream media, I'll always say it's biased and is serving a certain section of society 'secretly'. So, the New York Times in its recently published article about how Christianity in India is in danger, has stated that Nehru, India's 'iconic PM' had agreed that the illiterate farmers, people back in the 1950s converted to Christianity by the cause of great harassment. The concern then was, like today, rapid spread of Christianity which was considered a threat to the old order. What good did 'Secularist' Nehru do to the Indian society by giving push to the conversion and ultimately letting small temples hold the Cross sign for convenience? The good that happened was just political, restricted just to the Congress party who later in 1975 bothered to add the concept of Secularism to the Bharatiya books.
Conversion New York Times

A plurality of Christian voters (30%) say they voted for the Congress in the 2019 parliamentary elections, which roughly matches the shares of Muslims and Sikhs who voted for it. Just one-in-ten Indian Christian voters say they voted for the BJP in 2019, the lowest share among all of India’s major religious groups. Once again, the voting patterns of Christians in India mirror the political preferences of Southern Indians more generally. In the 2019 parliamentary elections, the BJP received its lowest vote share in the South, including among Hindus, many people in the South, including Christians, voted for regional parties.

Christianity as a religion has never been a problem in India. The problems spring up when certain evangelist missionary organizations forcefully convert people here after making them believe that they are deprived of basic resources in India and how being a Hindu is of damage. Over the years the world has been purposefully made to think of the role of an evangelist or a missionary to be that of pulling the poor out of poverty, helping the destitute. But what we effortlessly forget to note is the consideration they ask in return- conversion of religion to Christianity. 

So many cases to consider in India. The states of Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu are as conversion ground loads. Speaking of not less than a month before, I have visited the state of Tamil Nadu to just see the converted temples holding the Cross proudly. "The people here are poor and badly in need of money. They have no jobs, or jobs that help them earn only daily wages. These Missionaries give them a lot in hand money and promise to give more money if they bring people to serve Christianity", said the local chaiwala when asked about the situation. I was not at all shocked to learn this. This is what is also happening in Punjab.

To say, 10 percent of the population in Punjab is that of Christians and that the rate of conversion is rising rapidly. There are multiple reasons for this estimate. The total population of Christians in Punjab according to the 2011 census is about 3.5 lakhs. The total population of Punjab was 2.8 crores in 2011. The decadal growth rate was about 14 percent, so the current population should be about 3.2 crores. Accordingly, there are about 32 lakh Christians in Punjab itself! In Christianity, inculturation is the adaptation of the way Church teachings are presented to non-Christians, to attract them to Christianity. It is basically a strategy to introduce Christianity by deception and lies. Many Christian missionaries keep saffron robes, live in ashrams and make temples like churches. In Punjab, the symbols of Sikhism are used to confuse and convert rural Sikhs while they do the same to Tamil illiterates.

There's no way I am giving one on one examples like NY Times of why a farmer got converted, why a converted Christian feels unsafe in India. No! What's more important to understand here is that it is never Hindus who lead the war of religion. In regards to 'two brothers', India and Pakistan, we consider it honest that India has never been the first to start the fight. It has always been Pakistan to which India has truthfully retaliated, just to protect it's borders, it's people. Is it that difficult to understand the concept of Hindutva when it comes to religious fights within India?

Hindutva is all about protecting Hinduism and its people, the Hindus. Hindus are never the first to exchange blows. But what does the international community want to portray? Should Hindus keep quiet when foreign funds are helping missionaries in India to grab hold of Hindus? And why- cause the country is secular? That'll never happen. Secularism in the context of democracy has a very wide meaning and our beloved PM Modi knows it. Therefore, I see no point in targeting RSS, BJP, or PM Modi for that matter for raising their voices against the conversion. If democracy has to be secular, it should be by all means. 'Liberals' cannot just blame Hindus for securing their people and ignore and allow other religions to feel insecure about their minority status- cause that in fact will never be what they call being 'secular'.

It's high time to salute all those intellectual brains who are serving the purpose of being Hindu with the legal eyes. These are the ones who will rub off the agendas of organizations like Mission India who openly say that it's committed to make God's (Jesus) name known to the 1.3 billion people in India. These are the ones who will legally shut all the missionaries cutting off the foreign funds once and forever.