International Conspiracy to Disintegrate Modern India

NewsBharati    10-Feb-2021   
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Is “International Conspiracy” hatched by those residing vested foreign interests (not all foreign nations’) to plunge modern India into total anarchy and chaos with the end objective to disintegrate modern India real?

Even a layman would be unable to read the ongoing plans of international vested foreign interests – Khalistani’s and Indian Muslims aided and abetted particularly by China and Pakistan - and attempts to defame, destabilize and disintegrate modern India by resorting to irregular warfare.

Irrefutable evidence exists on “irregular warfare”, known as ‘proxy war’ since mid-1980s by Pakistan, faced by modern India accentuated by quite a few “Jaichandras” ever colluding with adversaries. Even China too colluded with Naga insurgents during the insurgency waged between 1955 and 1975 (Shillong Accord). Attributing “Intelligence failure” by political leaders is the worst fraud.

Fact 1: Indian Express in its latest article on 09 February 2021 featured Indian-American banker Raj Sodhi-Layne and members of the Sikh community in California who aired the 30-second crowd funded ad to highlight farmers protest on CBS in Fresno County, right before the championship game of the NFL — the most-watched sporting event in the US that attracted 100.45 million viewers last year. They raised $852,000 to air the ad in all 43 major cities across the United States.

Fact 2: In a letter issued by SFJ, Pannu, SFJ’s chief, “gave a call to the Punjab farmers protesting on “Singhu” border to raise Khalistan flag at India Gate on January 26 and receive a reward of USD 2.5 lakh.”

Fact 3: California Khalistanis hailed Actor-turned activist Deep Sidhu; broke Gandhi statue; distributed sweets to celebrate the hoisting of Nishan Sahib on Red Fort; proclaimed that the Sikh warriors will take over the (parliament) in Delhi; organized tractor rally in California in solidarity with protestors in India; and alleged making him a scapegoat as he was getting more popular than the farmer leaders and his arrest.

Fact 4: Mo Dhaliwal, founder and director of strategy, a Vancouver-based digital branding creative agency called Skyrocket and co-founder of Poetic Justice Foundation, the organization that allegedly created the controversial ‘toolkit’ shared by Greta Thunberg on her Twitter account. One of the posts on Face book, Mo Dhaliwal wrote “I am a Khalistani. You might not know this about me. Why? Because Khalistan is an idea. Khalistan is a living, breathing movement”.

Fact 5: Mayors of New York, New Jersey and California, USA, have extended their support to farmer’s protests and urged President Jo Biden to intervene in the matter.

Fact 6: Canada remains the hub or epi-center of pro-Khalistan radical outfits with the USA following closely behind. They have close linkages with their counterparts in UK, Australia and other nations. Khalistani’s threaten pro-India elements in their countries. They display their clout in front of Indian Embassies and consulates besides desecrating Gandhi statues.

Fact 7: Earlier this week, High-profile Indian-origin Canadian Sikh minister Navdeep Bains, aggressive Khalistan sympathizer, resigned from his post and quit politics on ‘personal grounds’ surprising many in Canada. In reality, he was forced to resign on being exposed for massive corruption scandal. Bains has been groomed by the pro-Khalistan radical outfit World Sikh Organization (WSO), which is accused of radicalizing the Sikh community and making efforts to divide it. In fact, the Sikh Diaspora in Canada has them labeled WSO an extremist organization.

Fact 8: ISI created the Khalistan groups. It is giving full support, in the form of manpower and weapons. None other than Capt. Amarinder Singh, the Congress Party Chief Minister of Punjab, stated Pakistan is trying to infiltrate the borders. A disturbed Punjab suits Pakistan's policies. He said there has been a spurt in "drone delivery" since the farmers' agitation started and "weapons, money, and heroine" have been coming in. The Chief Minister said Pakistan has sleeper cells which they can activate and "a disturbed Punjab suits Pakistan's policy"."

Fact 9: Major pro-Khalistan militant outfits include: Babbar Khalsa International (BKI); Bhindrenwala’s Tiger Force of Khalistan (BTFK); Khalistan Commando Force (KCF); Khalistan Liberation Army (KLA); Khalistan Liberation Force; Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF); UK based International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF); All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF); Dashmesh Regiment; Shaheed Khalsa Force; Sikhs For Justice (SFJ);and Mo Dhaliwal’s Poetic Justice Foundation.

Fact 10: Recently, a pro-Khalistan Organization based in Canada for "opening the Kartarpur Corridor" honored Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa at an event 'An Evening of Honour and Dignity', in Canada.

Fact 11: Khalistan sleeper cells and its radical elements have made no bones about expressing solidarity with farmer’s protests and sharing the news. Leading the propaganda attack, SFJ made several posts on the issue and shared them through its social media accounts. While endorsing the news, Khalistan elements portrayed that the attack on the Red Fort was carried out by pro-India forces under the directions of Indian agencies to repress Khalistan voices. Subsequently, Khalistan outfits began aggressively demanding the Canada Government to stop the killing of Sikhs by Indian agencies and to avert Indian interference in Canada.

Fact 12: Top 10 Human Rights Organizations to include: Amnesty International; Global Rights; Human Rights Watch; International Committee of the Red Cross; International Federation for Human Rights; Norwegian Refugee Council; Refugees International; UN Watch; Human Rights Foundation; and Protection International. All of them have their willing and abiding collaborators in the form of myriad of NGOs in India.

Fact 13: “Super Rich” luminaries like George Soros (protector of human rights around the world), Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Twitter, Face book, etc., are intelligent and use their wealth as a function of power to pursue their strategies to enrich themselves. Super-Rich Mega Donors invest to promote their business interests in their respective visions of the future with utter disregard to the national security interests of their own countries and adversarial nations. For, they care a damn about the vision of their own country, lineage, ideals, faith, or principles.

Fact 14: Mega-donors are available – dime a down. As per videos in public domain, the string shows how the threads from Rihanna and Meena Harris, sister of the American VP, lead to George Soros - How Soros’ hand seems to be behind the Delhi Insurrection. Add to them, investigative journalists like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and many others competing with each other on pay-rolls of mega donors. In sum, Raj Sodhi-Layne, Rihana, Greta and their likes are on pay rolls of Super-Rich Mega Donors.

Fact 15: Not to be left out of consideration is Sam Pitroda, Chairman of Indian Overseas Congress with his 5 NGOs - The University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology; The Global Knowledge Initiative (GKI); India Food Banking Network; People for Global Transformation; Action for India – have firm roots to pursue narratives to revive the Congress Party.

Conclusively, it proves the “International Conspiracy” theory to defame, destabilize and disintegrate India through irregular warfare. India has been at the receiving end of irregular warfare – proxy war – from Pakistan since mid 1980s; but yet to develop proactive and offensive strategies to counter them.

Yet another significant feature is the atrocious behavior of political leaders and parties, who are squarely responsible for colluding with international adversaries to spread and consolidate chaos and anarchy.

Ipso facto, political leaders are mostly ‘congenital liars’ for they promise to deliver the “Moon” knowing well about its impracticability. Ipso facto, Indian political leaders excel at “Congenital lying”. And, their “U-turns” are phenomenal – self contradictory. Liars create the “Illusion of Truth”: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. Intrigue, treachery and corruption are inherited legacy.

No wonder, quite a few political leaders, mostly narcissists - psychopathic and pathological -are exploiting the IT Revolution and the Digital Age to indulge in “gas lighting” what with selfish, sarcastic and sadistic outbursts of fake and fraud news coverage to give a twist contra truth and realities. “Gas lighting” is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment – is the means used to achieve the ends of vested interests.

Typically, Gas lighters use denial, contradiction, misinformation, lies to completely delegitimize the victim’s beliefs - as the key component of “Irregular Warfare”. They spin speculative rumors and spread fake and false news through the social media networks available in abundance to target vulnerable groups to alter them to their designed thinking processes.

Indian political parties also have their counterparts in Indian Diaspora world over, who are equally adept at spinning global narratives best suited to their respective party interests with utter disregard to their fallout on social harmony, unity and national integration. Let me highlight that without cooperation and collusion with internal radical elements, political parties and their leaders, it is not easy to spread venomous narratives through “Gas lighting”.

Next, with elections in Punjab round the corner, political diatribe and vitriol between self-styled anarchist Arvind Kejriwal, and Capt. Amarinder Singh is but natural.

Amarinder Singh has accused Arvind Kejriwal of supporting the three farm laws, a charge vehemently denied by the AAP. The AAP has alleged that Amarinder Singh was aware of three farm laws a year before they were actually brought in the form of ordinances first and then converted into laws but he did not share the content of these Bills with the farmers of Punjab. Chadha of AAP said that as per the RTI reply, a high-powered committee was formed on July 1, 2019, and its meeting was held on August 7, 2019, which was attended by the Punjab CM.

As retort, Amarinder Singh asked Arvind Kejriwal "Why else did the Kejriwal government in Delhi notify the implementation of one of the farm laws back in November? Why else have they allowed the national capital's roads to be dug up and the farmers' protest sites be barricaded like fortresses, instead of exercising their powers since the control of the city's roads lies with the Delhi Government?"

The AAP’s strategy in Punjab has been to portray the Congress and the Akali-BJP as the same, two sides of a coin. AAP leader Sanjay Singh spends more time in Punjab than Delhi. He’s even made a trip to Canada seeking support of NRI Sikhs.

Finally, less said the better it is about the role of the mainstream media spreading social divide by recourse to raucous debates and cacophony.

International conspiracy is an irrefutable fact. Irregular warfare is a reality. Nothing new about irregular warfare – just the sophisticated variant of an age-old struggle between competitors adopting the Tech Age breakthroughs particularly wide reach through social net works. Irregular warfare “favors indirect and asymmetric approaches” by countries “in order to erode an adversary’s power, influence, and will.” It includes numerous tools of statecraft that governments can use to shift the balance of power in their favor: information operations (including psychological operations and propaganda), cyber operations, support to state and non state partners, covert action, espionage, and economic coercion.

Remember always that the tools of irregular warfare are not strategic bombers, main battle tanks, or infantry soldiers, but hackers, intelligence operatives, special operations forces, and private military companies that often operate in the shadows.

Repeatedly I had been highlighting over the past two decades that the generations of warfare have changed quite dramatically since late 1990s – transformation from Generation 4 Warfare to Hybrid Warfare with the irregular warfare as part of it. They follow Sun Tzu: “To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”

In sum, call it “International conspiracy” or “Irregular warfare”, it is the most pursued option by adversaries like China and Pakistan in collusion and tandem with a wide range of non-state actors to dramatically alter the geopolitics of South Asia in particular and Asia-Pacific in general to suit their vested national and personal interests. It is well known that China is using irregular methods because conventional and nuclear warfare are far too costly. Collusion between international state and non state actors and radicals is real exploiting the fault-lines.

Enemy or Enemies in conventional and nuclear warfare are known actors – linear battles with fronts and flanks. In “Irregular Warfare” adversaries are ubiquitous - unknown and unlimited internal and external – circular battle with no fronts and flanks.

Ironic but true, India is woefully unprepared both at home and abroad to counter myriad of irregular threats. India needs to conduct proactive offensive—not just reactive defensive—operations, including in the information arena simultaneously on internal and external fronts. Of course, the real challenge is to find an equilibrium between preparing for—and deterring—conventional, nuclear, and irregular warfare.