'Social media platforms must respect law of land'

NewsBharati    12-Feb-2021
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New Delhi, January 12: Giving a straight warning to the social media giants, Law and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, "Strict action would be taken against social media platforms if they are found violating the law of the land, spreading fake news, and stoking violence."

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While speaking in Rajya Sabha on Thursday, he pointed out the biases of particular social media platforms during the Red fort violence and capitol hill. He said it allowed the circulation of hate messages following the Red Fort violence however, the platform had displayed restrictive policy following the violent incident at Capitol Hill in the USA.
Prasad raised the question over their double standards, saying Why is it that when the police have to act in US Capitol Hill they stand in support, but when similar action is taken at Red Fort, they oppose it? Freedom of speech is there, but with reasonable restrictions. Why the double standards?”
He further continues, platforms cannot indulge in differential treatment while addressing problems on Capitol Hill and the Red Fort. Moreover, Prasad asserted, “When you become a platform, you make your law and India’s laws will have no place in it? That is not how it works. You bring money and do business, but you have to respect the law of the land.” He added, these platforms have millions of followers in India and they are free to do business and make money, but they cannot be allowed to circumvent the provisions of the Indian Constitution and the laws.
He also asserted that was committed to freedom of media and rights of individuals but was equally concerned about safety, security, and law and order in the country. “Please don’t spread enmity, violence, and misinformation. Please follow the Constitution of India and the law of the land, otherwise, we will be very strict,” he added.
This comes amid when the tussle between Government and Twitter intensified after social media violated laws and refused to comply with the government.