Hoshangabad City to be renamed as Narmadapuram

NewsBharati    23-Feb-2021
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Bhopal, Feb 23: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced that Hoshangabad city in the state would be renamed as Narmadapuram and a proposal to that effect would be sent to the Centre. This announcement was made by him while he was addressing the Narmada Jayanti program that was held in Hoshangabad.

Newbharati Hoshangabad Narmadauram
While addressing a gathering on the banks of Narmada, the Chief Minister asked whether the government should change the name of Hoshangabad, to which the people present there replied in the affirmative. "What should be the new name?" he asked, and the people replied, "Narmadapuram!" He then said, "We are now sending a proposal to the Centre to change the name of Hoshangabad as Narmadapuram."
It should be noted that the Hoshangabad city was named after an attacker Hoshang Shah who was the first ruler of Malwa. Now, the Hoshangabad will be named Narmadapuram named after River Narmada. The river is the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh as it is the 5th largest river across India.
The state government will not allow “cement-concrete structures” to be built along the Narmada river, the CM said, adding that sewage treatment plants are also being constructed in the cities located on its banks.
Meanwhile, protem Assembly Speaker Rameshwar Sharma, expressed happiness over Chouhan’s announcement and burst firecrackers on Saturday morning. Sharma had earlier made the demand to change the name of Hoshangabad.
"This is a historic moment. Narmada is the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh. Hoshangabad was so far named after an attacker Hoshang Shah, but will be known after the lifeline Maa Narmada, which is a matter of happiness. I thank the CM for making this announcement by respecting the public sentiments," he said.