Bring back @LegalLRO & @DalitPositive! Kalinga Rights Forum accuses Twitter of suppressing Hindu voices

NewsBharati    11-Mar-2021
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New Delhi, March 11: In yet another bang on 'Freedom of Speech and Expression' in India, the Twitter India had made an attempt to supress the Hindu voices by arbitrarily suspending twitter handles of the Legal Rights Observatory (@LegalLRO) and the Dalit Hindu Rights Gropu- the Dalit Positive Movement (@DalitPositive), assumably for sharing the Sputnik Report on US Hindu Student Rashmi Samant.   

Legal LRO account suspend 
In a letter to the Ministry of Electronics and IT, the Kalinga Rights Forum had requested the office to issue orders to Twitter India to unblock handles of Legal Rights Observatory and Dalit Positive Movement as well as issue summons as it directly violates Article 19 of Indian Constitution. It had also demanded the office to consider banning Twitter operations in India. "Twitter has become detrimental to 'NATIONAL SECURITY' because of its support to Pro Terror groups", the email read.
Legal LRO account suspend
Twitter India has seemingly been on the forefront of suppressing and suspending Hindu voices but showing leniency to Anti India and Anti Indian Government elements. "Legal Rights Observatory and Dalit Positive Movement are both Hindu Human Rights Legal groups who fight for rights of Hindus and raise voice against adversaries of India legally. Thus Twitter India banning Hindu Human Rights legal groups Legal Rights Observatory and Dalit Positive Movement has endorsed its support to Anti India and terrorist groups who are working against India", it added.
Twitter India selectively imposes bans on Hindu Twitter accounts but supports and allows terrorist organisation handles as per Research Papers and Internationally Acclaimed Journals. It is on February 12 that a complaint in this regard has also been filed with Supreme court against Twitter for its sympathies to terrorist gropus.
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A Bench led by Chief Justice of India Sharad A Bobde had then issued notice to the government and Twitter Communications India Private Limited on a petition by Vinit Goenka, Member of the Governing Council of CRIS, Ministry of Railways. Goenka accused platforms like Twitter of promoting and circulating prohibited content and hate messages. He said there was no mechanism or law to deal with the problem.
The petition said a mechanism or law needed to be put in place for social media accounts in order “to stop the hatred, fake, investigative and other news which are contrary to the law”. 10% each of the 35 million Twitter handles and 350 million Facebook accounts in India are bogus. Hundreds of fake Twitter handles and Facebook accounts used the names, of constitutional authorities and eminent citizens. “Anti-national tweets should not just be deleted, but such accounts should be discontinued,” it stated. They should used as proof that people have indulged in anti-national activities in India or abroad.

Complaint Against Twitter I... by Siddhi somani