Thugs going back native!

NewsBharati    01-Apr-2021
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-Kalpesh Joshi 
What did the Modi government do in the interest of the nation or for Hindus? When this question in raised, a wilful ignorant will sees nothing past 'Ram Mandir' and 'Article 370'. But in reality, we cannot overlook how the Modi government carried out a surgical strike on anti-nationals during its first term in power.
Let's consider 2017, when Compassion East India, the country's largest proselytizing agency, withdrew from India as a result of the Modi government initiating an audit of such NGOs. The government has banned about 20,000 NGOs so far. 'Compassion East India' was based in India for many years, especially in the tribal areas. The organization also started the practice of converting people to Christianity to help and serve their vested interests. Under the garb of serving the needy, they carried out dubious conversion of tribals. It is suspected that thousands of innocent tribals have been converted to Christianity by this organisation. In particular, it was revealed that the agency was receiving funding from the United States. This means that the origin of this organization is in America and is operated from the US. In a audit conducted by the Modi government, they found severe irregularities and finally had to move from India.

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This is an example of the Modi government's impartial and tailless work. Earlier, the Nirmal Hriday Sanstha, run by the Missionaries of Charity in Kerala, was also discussed. This 'Nirmal Hriday Sanstha' had become like a factory for making children. Mother Teresa's organization was in the business of buying and selling newborn infants. Documents from the institute prove that between 2015 and 2018, 450 pregnant women were recruited in the nursery. But only 170 babies were reported to the Child Welfare Committee. There was no idea whether what happened with the remaining 280 babies. But when a high-level inquiry took place, the shocking truth came to light. Two nuns at the organization admitted that several couples had sold their children for large sums of money.They had no record of the same. It was also reported that a nun was tortured in an organization. So they were on the way of returing back due to the black business of such organizations. However, their foster missionaries and church members were overwhelmed and came to their aid. Due to the impartial attitude of the government and lack of cooperation like the previous government, these proselytizing organizations started to go vain. Therefore, in the Mumbai, Thane, Palghar and surrounding municipal elections, Christian clerics had openly challenged the BJP not to vote. They also said that they felt insecure in the country.
A similar case was reported two years ago with madrassas. The Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh had ordered the madrassas to link their identity to Aadhaar. It came to light that millions of children were falsely reported in the madrassa with only nominal documents. Then the question arose as to where and for whom the grants were being used, which these children received, the clerics who taught them, their salaries, and the contributions of the madrassas. Even then, Muslim leaders across the country, including the Congress, had expressed anger against the Yogi government. But the Congress and their local opposition parties, which kept a close eye on such a big scam for so many years, did not feel ashamed. Due to this government's decision, even the clerics who used to fill their stomachs in the name of madrassas had to go bankrupt. The money saved by the government from this scam was later decided to be spent on the modern education of Muslim children.
This is a small example of why the general public appreciates the Modi government's work and why the Modi wave does not subside. However, due to the Modi government's policies, the terrorists carrying out anti-national activities, who are holding the people hostage and promoting conversion and bigotry in the name of service and education, are being hit right. So these gangs are seen leaving the country and returning to their native countries. While their dependents are seen trying their best to save them. It should be part of the fact that many such organisations feel 'insecure in the country and try to spread false propaganda about democracy being in crisis in the country.
The same goes for the Muslim preacher Zakir Naik under the name of the Prabodhan, the Muslim Prophet was beginning to be like the Modi government, who make fun of the Hindu religion and the Gods of Hindus. He was also confronted with a terrorist attack in Bangladesh. So now he thought that he was not safe and was called back to an Arab country. But Modi governments close ties with Saudi Arabia forced him to seek shelter in Malaysia. On January 18, 2019, he has been shown under The Prevention of black money Act. His wealth of Rs 16 crore 50 lakh rupees in Mumbai and Pune has been by seized ED. The Islamic 'Research Foundation' and 'Harmony India' had spread and promoted his speech. The amount of 34.09 crore and Rs 49.20 crore in his account has been freezed before. His money has come from an unknown source. But who is the unknown? You can understand this. Along with all, the government who walked with the 'nation first' should unmask the anti-national face of all such organizations in the country and ban them.
The government tried to bring restrictions on China by prioritising the native companies after the Doklam and the Ladakh incident. The Indian government stopped the Companies that in favour of Communist China. Many questions, such as where the CSR funds go and how it was used, came to effect. The efforts of the Modi government has created confusion between large entrepreneurs and the government. The Ambani and Modi government relation is a site of such confusion created by such people, and the community needs to look at all events with mindedness. The Nationality of the government can not be completed without Indian Citizens participation and support.