COVID-19 realities- A data driven perspective

NewsBharati    14-Apr-2021   
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COVID-19 data given below provides “A Perspective”. Percentages provide a correct picture with highest percentage in Delhi followed by Kerala and Maharashtra. In real numbers, Maharashtra takes the top spot.

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Health is “State Subject’ under the Constitution. Central Government provides guidance through policies. No point in indulging in “Blame Games” to cover up past failures by successive governments at both levels. So, political leaders must stop playing ‘vicious politics’ to score brownie points.

COVID-19 India_1 &nb
COVID-19 India_1 &nb 
According to Population Census 2011 there are nearly 104 million (10.4 CRORES) elderly persons (aged
60 years or above) in India; 53 million females and 51 million males. As per State - wise data on elderly
population of 2011, Kerala has maximum proportion of elderly people in its population (12.6 per cent)
followed by Goa (11.2 per cent) and Tamil Nadu (10.4 per cent).
Almost all personnel above 65 years age should have been administered vaccine. Shortfalls will be made up in a weeks time for 65 years and above.
Based on current production daily rate, vaccine for all is not possible within a month or two. Even vaccine for above 45 years people will also take a minimum of 3-4 months depending on the clearance of other vaccines in pipeline. So, pre-emptive measures like wearing a mask, social distancing and other guidelines is an imperative. People must follow them strictly.