Kindness only returns back! After India's global assistance, France assures of aid to India in crisis

23 Apr 2021 13:23:32
New Delhi, Apr 23: While the country is still coping with the ongoing COVID crisis, the Ambassador of France to India, Emmanuel Lenain has effectively shared his statement in support of India and announced for readiness from France any kind of assistance during such critical times.
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France has been standing in solidarity with India through thick and thin, proving their strong backing for India, may it be militarily, politically or in humanitarian works. During such arduous times, France has yet again offered any kind of assistance to India, whenever required. The Ambassador of France to India, Emmanuel Lenain, took it to twitter to share about the European country's assistance to India.
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Emmanuel Lenanin quoted France's President Emmanuel Macron through the tweet stating, "I want to send a message of solidarity to the Indian people, facing a resurgence of COVID-19 cases. France is with you in this struggle, which spares no-one. We stand ready to provide our support."
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