Oxygen Crisis in Delhi-NCR Hospitals: Who are responsible?

NewsBharati    26-Apr-2021   
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Arvind Kejriwal and his Deputy Manish Sisodia are squarely responsible and accountable for Oxygen Crisis in Hospitals of NCR. Let none should get fooled by their political gimmickry or fraud.

Health, under the Constitution, is State Subject. Why then indulge in “blame game” politics? Whom all Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia are attempting to fool? Why are the media and even the judiciary not squarely holding them responsible for the Oxygen crisis in Delhi and NCR Hospitals?

Otherwise, every 25 minutes in the visual media, Arvind Kejriwal appears on the screen with his appeal to people to observe Covid-19 protocols. Weeks ago, Delhi Government has splurged crores of rupees on Arvind Kejriwal 24x365 extravaganza. Delhi High Court must take suo motto cognizance and seek the total amount of tax payer’s money on Arvind Kejriwal’s showmanship on the visual media and make it public.

Ironic or Quixotic it is, despite Arvind Kejriwal’s visual media sermons, his own wife is a Covid-positive case and he has quarantined himself for 14 days. None of the media houses are commenting such an event in his home.

As per media news, the Centre has informed the High Court that it has sanctioned eight pressure swing absorption (PSA) plants but only one plant has been set up. The Delhi government has not added even a single PSA plant in the past year and neither has it augmented the oxygen storage capacity in the national capital.

And, the cost of setting up medical Oxygen manufacturing plant varies from around Rs. 24 lakh to around Rs. 2 crore. If so, Arvind Kejriwal and his able deputy Manish Sisodia could have easily commissioned Oxygen manufacturing plants to meet the complete requirement of Oxygen of all Delhi Hospitals.

As per latest India Today media news, “to meet the city's growing demand for medical oxygen, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will set up 16 Oxygen-generating plants in 12 hospitals at a cost of around Rs 90 crore.”

With the amount of money splurged on advertisements by Arvind Kejriwal, a minimum of 25-30 Oxygen generating plants could have been commissioned easily during the last one year.

It is never too late for Delhi High Court to take cognizance of the fraud perpetrated by Arvind Kejriwal on the people of Delhi.

Furthermore, let me also highlight that Corporate Hospitals today are money spinning machines. The Medical Council of India is squarely to be blamed for giving them permission to run without having an in-house Oxygen-generating plant.

Never too late for the Supreme Court and High Court’s of all States to take the Medical Council of India to task and hold them responsible for the abject failure to make it mandatory for all Corporate Hospitals to have in-house plants.

Why not Corporate Hospitals spinning profits be held responsible for the death of patients due to non-availability of Oxygen instead of Central and State governments announcing cash grants to the deceased families?

And, the media houses, like headless chickens, are merely sensationalizing playing to the tune of vested political interests who are paying crores of ad money to them to shield their failures for the Oxygen crisis and blaming the Central Government.

It is high time for intellectuals to expose the fraud being played by all political parties and media houses to hide intellectual incompetence’s by indulging in “blame-game” politics.