Corona patients from Maharashtra rush to Hyderabad hospitals

NewsBharati    07-Apr-2021
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Hyderabad, Apr 7: As the corona virus is spreading with alarming rate in Maharashtra, many infected patients in the bordering districts with Telangana are rushing to hospitals in Hyderabad, reports said.

According to media reports, many corporate hospitals in Hyderabad have seen sharp rise in the intake of patients from neighboring Maharashtra in the recent days.

A New Indian Express report quoting Dr. Lingaiah Amidayala, Director of Medical Services of Yashoda Group of Hospitals, said that a good number of patients are coming from Maharashtra while patients from Andhra Pradesh constitute only about seven percent of the patients admitted,

As the beda in Maharashtra Hospitals are full to their capacity, the patients infected by this virus are rushing to neighboring Hyderabad hospitals. As a result, several corporate hospitals in the city have about 20 to 30 per cent of their beds occupied by patients from Maharashtra.

Most of these patients are from neighboring Nanded and Yavatmal districts as to them Hyderabad is near, the reports said. Besides, super speciality treatment facility is available here easily.

Major cases that have come here are from smaller hospitals in Maharashtra and Karnataka bordering Telangana. These patients are referred for advanced care and treatment, Dr. Praveen, HOD Emergency Medical Services at KIMS Hospital was reported as saying by the newspaper reported.

There are some patients from Maharashtra in major teaching hospitals like Gandhi Hospital as well. However, this time round, it is a less severe form of Covid, says Dr Lingaiah. He also explains that unlike in the past, only patients with serious complications are coming to big hospitals.