Rubika Liyaquat tears apart 'Kisan leader' Rakesh Tikait, exposes his ignorance and propaganda over the farm bills

Rubika Liyaquat tears apart "Kisan leader" Rakesh Tikait,

NewsBharati    27-Aug-2021   
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After exposing actress Swara Bhaskar's CAA propaganda on national television, now the journalist Rubika Liyaquat has torn apart the 'Kisan leader' Rakesh Tikait and exposed his propaganda over the three farm bills.
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During the interview, Rubika asked the self-proclaimed Kisan leader about the section in which the government has mentioned that the corporate sectors are going to occupy a farmer’s land. Following the hard-hitting questions, Rakesh could not manage to specify the section which he has been protesting for several months. After sensing that he is getting exposed, Rakesh tried a bid to save himself from getting exposed on national television and carried out the personal attack on Rubika asking her Aap sarkar ke kis post pe hai?
However, Rubika does get affected by it and continues to expose Rakesh and his anti-national propaganda. Realizing that his tricks are failing, Rakesh then tried another way to change the topics and cross-questioned Liyaquat and asks how many mandis have been shut since the laws were proposed. He asked her, “Parliament me kanoon pehle bane ya ye godam pehle bane." He asked, “Parliament me kanoon pehle bane ya ye godam pehle bane (What was built first? The Laws or the godowns?)”
Ignoring that, Rubika continued and asked him the same question while holding copies of the agricultural laws in her hand. After not getting a satisfying answer from Rakesh, Rubika finally asked him, if he doesn’t know the answer then tell her, and she will read out the portion of the clause which explicitly says that no entity is entitled to take over a farmer’s land.
At the end, when Rakesh Tikait could not answer the questions asked by Rubika Liyaquat on agricultural laws, Rubika exposed Rakesh by accusing him that he doesn't even know about the three laws. She also said that he just playing politics over the laws and he has different aim behind it.
In the whole 26.07 minutes interview, Rakesh could not manage to answer any of the questions asked by the senior journalist. He did not even try to specify the section which he found problematic and is not in favor of farmers. Not in the interview, but when the government had met the so-called farmer leaders that time also he has not been able to point out specific sections of the laws which are problematic to them. They have just been demanding a complete withdrawal, just for the sake of protests.