Celebrating The Contribution Of Teachers In Making A Competent Society

In India, the bond of Guru and Shishya has always been a sacred one where the former has gone beyond the formal duties for the progress of the later.

NewsBharati    05-Sep-2021
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Education is a foundation for the development and progress of any society. It is a base upon which the whole building of human development stands. It is fundamental not only for the acquisition of knowledge across a wide range of subjects but also for the development of crucial skills that are important in life. The significance of the same cannot be compromised in a child’s life; especially in his formative years – as it has the power to change a life at that impressionable age. What is needed is the demand for that change, the demand for that power. The challenge is not just providing access to good education but also ensuring success and pertinent progress ahead. An important factor in ensuring it is the quality of education imparted and also the teachers who are the most important medium of doing so.
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Teachers have the ability to shape the best way for society and build positive and inspired future generations in the world that we live in. They have an impact on the children they teach and hence can harness the power of righteous education to change lives. Not just for those children themselves, but for the lives of all, for the whole society and nation consequently. It is thus imperative to acknowledge, acclaim and affirm the great contribution of Teachers in crafting students’ and society’s lifecycle in general. And what better day than today to do so? As India celebrates the birthday of the legendary teacher and India’s second President Shri. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Vijnana Bharati celebrates each one of its “Shiksha Shilpi” for shaping and sculpturing the future of school students with particular interest in Science.
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In India, the bond of Guru and Shishya has always been a sacred one where the former has gone beyond the formal duties for the progress of the later. And that was the success of the education system we had in the ancient times. While Gurukuls may not be practical in the modern era, continual access to a Guru and his blessings continue to motivate the morale of the shishya.
Every year, Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA) in collaboration with Vigyan Prasar and the National Council of Educational Research and Training, organizes an examination for school going students with the aim to inculcate scientific temper within them. This national level talent test - Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan (VVM) this year will be conducted on 30th November 2021 and 5th December 2021. Vijnana Bharati envisages the spread of its vision and success of its mission with the help of its Education Crafters – The Shiksha Shilpis – The Teachers Team.
Teachers, by virtue of the very nature of their profession, are role models for children. They not only educate them but also inspire and excite them with their interest in a subject. The way the teacher interacts, the style they adopt to explain the complex concepts, presenting them in an easy-to-understand manner is something that is forever etched in a student’s mind. The trust, the faith and the belief the students in their teachers can itself be a motivating factor for their progress and growth.
Vijnana Bharati is appealing to its army of science teachers to inspire and motivate their students to take up this national level science exam. Dedicated and inspired Teachers alone can help them develop confidence to step out of their comfort zone and attain this revered goal. Teachers alone can encourage them to garner the knowledge that goes beyond the stipulated curriculum but which is invaluable for their future careers as well as even in their personal lives.
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Vijnana Bharati on the occasion of this teacher’s day urges all science teachers who strive for knowledge gain, to help students discover themselves and challenging them to push boundaries. Registration and other details can be found on the website www.vvm.org.in . Vijnana Bharati also appeals science teachers across the nation to know more about this program and join our team of “Shiksha Shilpis” to popularize science and inculcate scientific temperament in students.