The Usual Christmas Siyapppa

I wish I could have greeted my Christian friends in a more friendly manner on Christmas Eve. We have a huge number of patriotic Christians who hate foreign interference in the lives of Indian Christians and how to oppose the urge to ‘save souls’ of sinners who don’t follow Christianity.

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We shall be celebrating Christmas that has seen evolution of Jesus (God bless him) from a dark Middle East citizen to white son of God with rise of European power to various other avatars, including Buddha, Krishna, Yogi and Vishnu with his own sahasranaamam and fake yoga thus appropriating various ‘ignorant sinful pagan’ cultures’ festivals from Santa Clause to abominable customs and traditions of natives like ‘Hindoos.’

I recently came across a lengthy NYT article shedding copious tears about persecution of Christians in India and the way they are frightened by right wing ‘Hindu nationalists’. It has some anecdotal cases from Central India from the tribal belt and a city close to this tribal belt. Then this story is expanded into a general story of Christians being beaten up, scared and called names. These rudaali (cry baby) acts began in around 2010 and gained strength since 2014.

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Heavy duty tarring Hindutva began with Jhabua nurse rape case in a big way in 1998, led by the ‘secular’ CM Digvijaya Singh, who declared that the rapists belonged to what NYT calls RW radicals. Namely, VHP/RSS even before the case properly registered in the police files. Later it turned out that the rapists were some faithful flock of the Church. None in the media or leaders had decency to express regrets at wrong targeting. The purpose was served, the entire Hindutva movement was black marked globally with the help of wonderful media network of the Church.
This is the same region about which NYT writers are crying profusely. Ask any tribal in any tribal area how they are asked to break and throw away the murtis of their ancient gods; and burn Hindu scriptures. Who creates hate? By the way, the first anti-conversion law in Madhya Pradesh (Central Province) on which the NTY article vexes eloquent was the first state, under Congress government, who passed it in 1950s. It is not the handiwork of ‘fascist’ BJP.
In 2015, a horrendous case of gang rape of a nun in Ranaghat, Nadia district of West Bengal. The great secular journalists like Rana Ayyub and associates pinned the blame again on VHP/RSS. Within a few days, police was able to crack the case. The two people arrested for the crime turned out to be Bangladeshi Muslims! Again no contrite apology from Church network came though the news was splashed across the globe, tarring the Hindutva movement and Hindus.
In 2014, immediately after victory of Narendra Modi, news of attack on Churches was spread with relish. Upon investigations they proved to be petty thefts and dissatisfied employees of the Church. It was proven with data that more temple lockers etc had been attacked than Churches during the given period. But, story was pinned on nationalist fascist BJP, because Church and its ‘secular’ network doesn’t care for truth.
In Tamilnadu, the iconic centuries old procession of Brihadeshwar temple (the same world famous temple built in 11th century by Raja Raja Chola by the big bosses of Danish church there in May 2018. Ironically it was built on the land and grants given by Sarfoji Bhonsale of Thanjavur Maratha kingdom! If there were any riots at this affront to the Hindu community, that would make it fascist and intolerant.
A Christian pastor Upendra in Andhra Pradesh called out for division of India into two with a separate country for Christians. The video proof came into open in August 2021. Andhra Pradesh is the focus of evangelism since the time of crypto-Christian YS Rajasekhara Reddy. His son-in-law is a leading evangelist. Special feature of these conversions is that the converts are asked not to change their names so as to take advantage of SC/ST reservations. These reservations were presumably brought in to counter the discrimination in Hindu society against SC/ST. Christian evangelists claim that there is no caste discrimination. Now they want reservations. A famous crypto human rights activist supporting church, John Dayal, in an article (website is removed now, but I have a copy) claimed that the Christian population in India is around 9%. A member of parliament of Jagan Reddy’s party Raghuram Krishna Raju, claimed that actual numbers now may be 20%. He was thrown out of party and allegedly physically attacked in police station as per reports on May 15, 2021. So much of persecution of Christians!
Additional DGP of Andhra Pradesh PV Sunil Kumar was so emboldened with Church support of government that he openly abused Hindus in his public speech. A complaint was filed against him. Does it make Hindus fascists?
There so many anecdotes of conversion by fraud and deceit as also with money, that I have no space to quote them here. How, placebos are given in hospitals initially and nothing happens; then the cleric appears as Jesus’s agent and after some hocus-pocus gives proper medicines and cures the patient, showing the power of Jesus. Free education, scholarships, education overseas etc etc are routine tools. Direct Cash Benefit is well known in rural areas and in urban areas too.
‘Rice Bag’ insinuation is an insult to the power of Church. There are bigger options with foreign donations flowing freely to perpetrate the power money for bribing for conversion. It is precisely for this reason that the evangelists and allied organisations never filed returns as demanded by the FCRA regulation, but when some FCRA accounts were shut due to audit irregularities, the cry of discrimination by ‘fascist’ Hindutva government was raised. Are any organisations above national laws? It would surprise the readers that still the highest recipients of foreign funds are church related bodies under different guise?
In my new book – Conflict Resolution: The RSS Way – I have provided many evidences from third party sources, media etc how Church is behind the secessionist movement and violence in North East Region right from independence. The supposed peaceful clerics have instigated violence against tribals who refuse to convert. Thus, there is a reason why ‘nationalists’ say the conversions turn the convert into anti-nationals. In the same book I have provided data of foreign funds pouring in for conversions. (Bringing Jesus to the downtrodden dispossessed masses).
The rise of Indigenous cultures and tribal faiths through energetic movements in North East has enraged the Church which was working in their backyard with the support of colonial powers since 1836. That this was possible despite despicable practice of Church asking tribals to throw away their ancient gods out of home and stop talking to their relatives who don’t come under the spell of Jesus due to years of sustained work of Hindu organisations like Vivekananda Kendra, VHP, Ram Krishna Mission has put them on their firing lines. The inner line permit to stop any ‘Indian’ or ‘Hindu’ missionary to enter major parts of North East while they converted at break neck speed was managed with the help of their imperialist masters, who did their bidding. While it speaks of their dedication to which I doff my topi, it is not without a heavy cost that India paid in terms of unending unrest there.
Just to wind up on a sombre note, we have a Church that persecutes nuns in their middle age for exposing sex racket of its clerics. It publishes the photo of a Bishop, Mulakkal on calendars who is facing multiple cases of sex abuse. While so-called Hindu god men never got a bail for their alleged sexual escapades, Mr Mulakkal was not arrested initially and later given bail promptly. But, NYT wishes us to believe that India is no more secular!
We shall be celebrating Christmas tomorrow that has seen evolution of Jesus (God bless him) from a dark Middle East citizen to white son of God with rise of European power to various other avatars, including Buddha, Krishna, Yogi and Vishnu with his own sahasranaamam and fake yoga thus appropriating various ‘ignorant sinful pagan’ cultures’ festivals from Santa Clause to abominable customs and traditions of natives like ‘Hindoos.’ This desperation is so visible that they want us to forget that the purists in Christianity call yoga as satanic and want it banned, because there is no place for mysticism and spirituality in Christianity. Well, so much for “Hindoo” intolerance! I think, real problem is with the institutional Church and its vast media network, not with the poor shepherd son of God.
Tailpiece: I am waiting for NYT condemnation of Chinese government virtual ban on Christmas celebrations and persecution of Christians who celebrate it publicly.